ūüíĮ Best AI Webcam – Insta360 Link Review

ūüíĮ Best AI Webcam - Insta360 Link Review

The Insta360 Link brings much needed innovation to the webcam market with 4k resolution, AI tracking, whiteboard mode, and much more. In fact, it’s the best webcam I have ever used, but is all of that functionality worth the steep price?

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00:00 Introduction
1:03 What you get
2:36 Camera quality
3:14 Resolutions
3:35 AI tracking
4:10 Whiteboard mode
4:34 Overhead mode
4:53 Desk view mode
5:17 Manually pan and zoom
6:28 Image settings
6:43 Gesture settings
7:13 Tracking settings
7:36 AI Zoom
8:04 Additional settings and hotkeys
8:22 Privacy mode
8:33 Third party app integration
9:44 OBS Studio
10:22 NVIDIA Broadcast
10:53 Things I don’t like
11:58 Wrap up

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The Insta360 Link is hands down the best webcam I 
have ever used. It's made by the company Insta360   And they're most well known for their 360 action 
cameras, but they're now taking that expertise and   They're applying it to webcams. It's basically 
like if you were to make a wish list of all of   The things that you would love to see in a webcam 
and all of those things show up in this webcam.   You get beautiful 4K images through a half an inch 
sensor. You can also ensure that you always stay   In the frame, even as you move around through the 
magic of AI. You could also demonstrate things in   Front of you on your desk using something called 
Desk View. Those are just a few of the features   That this webcam has. As full disclosure before we 
jump into this, I received this webcam for free,   But this is not a sponsored video and I'll also 
share things that I don't like about this camera.   Let's start with what you get. The camera itself 
is fairly small in size. Here it is side by side   With my cell phone. The camera is attached to 
a gimbal and this allows it to rotate around   And keep the subject in the frame. On the base, 
you have these two holes and these are the dual   Microphones and you use those to capture audio. 
In between those, you have a tap pad and if you   Tap it once, it'll start tracking the subject. 
If you tap it twice, it'll recenter the camera.   In back of the base, you have a USB-C 
port. The camera also comes with a USB-C   Cable and you also get a USB 3 adapter, just 
depending on which ports you have available.   You also get these four stickers and you can place 
these in the corners of a whiteboard and this way   You can focus in and zoom in on the whiteboard. 
You can also pick up an optional $30 tripod that   You can attach this camera to. To set up your 
webcam, you can attach it to the top of your   Monitor using the included clips or you could also 
attach it to a tripod using a quarter inch screw.   Once you plug the webcam into either a Windows 
or a Mac PC, it'll just automatically detect it.   Here I am in Microsoft Teams and I see it as one 
of my available webcams. Of course, if you want to   Take advantage of the full functionality, they 
recommend downloading the 360 Link Controller   Software. You can download it directly from 
their website. Let's open up the software to see   What's possible. Here I am in the Link Controller 
software and right away you see the preview right   In this area so you can see how good the camera 
looks and personally, I think it looks pretty   Good. Now, one of the things I like testing out 
is how quickly the camera can focus and one of the   Neat things is here I can hold something up to the 
camera and you'll notice how quickly it focuses   On that. Now when I pull it away, it'll rapidly 
focus on me again. In the bottom left-hand corner,   You can turn the preview on or off and especially 
if you want to use this webcam with Zoom or Teams   Or OBS, you have to turn off the preview in this 
app before you could use the video feed elsewhere.   To the right of that, here you can choose the 
resolution and this is a 4k camera. So here   I see the highest resolution possible. One of 
the really neat things is you could also choose   Portrait orientation. When I select this, it 
physically rotates the camera and now I see myself  

In portrait. This is especially good if let's say 
your audience is connecting on a mobile device. To   The right of the resolution, this is where we have 
some of the advanced functionality of this webcam   That truly differentiates it from the competition. 
First off, we have something called tracking. And   When I enable this, this is now identifying my 
face using AI. And as I move around, the camera   Physically moves to follow me and to track me. 
It's not cropping in on a certain section of the   Photo, it's actually physically moving the camera. 
And the range of motion is truly impressive. Here   I can turn off tracking by clicking on this button 
again. To the right of that, we have whiteboard   Mode. So here I'll hold up a whiteboard, remember 
order your cookies. And I placed these stickers in   The corners of the whiteboard to help the camera 
identify where the whiteboard is. Now I can turn   On whiteboard mode, so now it's looking around 
and it's finding the whiteboard and look at this,   It zooms in on the whiteboard so my audience 
can see it very clearly. That's pretty cool. To   The right of whiteboard, there's also something 
called overhead mode, and when I click on this,   The camera will point downwards. Right now, 
it's just looking at the base of the camera,   But here if I pull it out, it'll simply look 
down at wherever I position the camera. This   Works especially well if let's say you have your 
camera mounted overhead. To the right of overhead,   There's also something called desk view mode, 
and this one is really neat. Here when I click   On desk view mode, the camera rotates to about 
a 45-degree angle and it'll show whatever's on   My desk. So here I could write some notes or I 
could demonstrate something and my audience will   Be able to see perfectly. And it also uses tech 
to adjust the image so it looks like an overhead   Shot. This one's pretty impressive. Now that 
we've looked at some of the special modes, I   Also want to show you how you can manually adjust 
the image. Right up here we see the preview of me.   I could use my mouse to adjust the position of the 
camera. So here I could pan from side to side. I   Can also use my mouse wheel to scroll in or here 
I could scroll out. That was a little bit close.   Right over on the right-hand side, I can also 
use these controls to make slight modifications   To where the camera looks, or here I can make more 
drastic changes to the positioning of the camera.   Over here I could also zoom in and out and this 
goes a little bit quicker than using my mouse   Wheel. So, let's say I really like this shot right 
here. I mean, it's got me centered in here. It   Looks good. Right down here I can click on this 
plus icon and this will add it as a preset. So,   This way I can jump between my presets very 
quickly simply by clicking on these different   Buttons. Also, once I'm all done and let's 
say I want to go back to the zoomed out,   Just default view. Right up here I can click to 
reset or I could simply double tap on the camera   And that will also reset to the default position. 
When I'm all ready to record, right down here, I   Could either take a screenshot by clicking on this 
button or to the right of that I can also record a   Video. In the top right-hand corner, I also have 
some additional settings that I can configure.  

Here I’ll click into image settings and here I 
can adjust things like the exposure, the white   Balance, and all these different settings to get 
the image to look exactly how I want it to look.   On the far-right hand side, I also have more 
settings and these are some really interesting   Ones. Right up on top, I have gesture settings 
and here I can use a gesture to kick off different   Modes on the camera. Here for instance, I can hold 
up my palm and this kicks off active tracking.   I can also position my hand in an L and this way 
I can zoom in by lifting up my hand or here I can   Lower it to zoom out and I can also jump into 
whiteboard mode. So lots of different options   There. Down below I also have some tracking 
settings. Here I can adjust the tracking   Speed. I can turn on auto tracking simply by 
positioning the camera at a subject. So here   I can manually position the camera to look at 
me and then it knows that it should track me. I   Could also simply position myself in the camera, 
single tap, and then it'll know to track me. So,   There are lots of different ways that 
you can turn on the auto tracking mode.   Down below this is one of my favorites. There's 
also something called AI Zoom. Here I'll turn   This on. So, the AI automatically detects 
where my head is. Here I'll turn on tracking   Mode and now when I lean back here, you'll see 
it zooms in and frames my head within this shot.   Here if I switch to half body, it'll zoom out a 
little bit more. So, the software understands and   Identifies the different parts of my body and then 
you also have the whole-body option. Down below   You also have many other settings that you can 
configure, so well worth looking at what you can   Do with them. Up on top, one other setting that I 
want to call out. If you click on the ellipsis or   The three dots, here you can also access most 
of these features just by using hotkeys. So,   It makes it really quick to access all of this 
functionality. Once you exit out of the app   And you're no longer using the camera, it'll 
automatically go into privacy mode where the   Camera points down and it'll no longer pick up 
any images. One thing that I really like about   The Insta360 Link is that you can use it together 
with many different third-party apps. To use my   Insta360 Link in an app like Microsoft Teams 
or any other app like Zoom or Discord, simply   Go down to where you can select your camera. Here 
I'll click on these settings gear and right here   I can choose my camera. Make sure to select the 
Insta360 Link. You can also choose the Insta360   Link as your microphone. Now before you turn on 
the camera in the third-party app, make sure to   Go back to the Link Controller software. In the 
Link Controller software in the bottom left-hand   Corner, make sure to turn off the preview within 
this app. Back now in Microsoft Teams here,   I can turn on the camera preview and here I 
see the feed from the Insta360 Link. Now one   Thing you might be wondering is, well, how can I 
zoom in or how can I turn on the different modes?   Let's go back to the Link Controller software. In 
the Link Controller software in the top right-hand   Corner, we can click on this icon and this turns 
on miniature mode. Down here on the bottom, I  

Have this mini bar and it gives me all the primary 
controls of the Link software. Here for example,   I can launch my different modes. I can jump to my 
different presets. So, I have all of these same   Controls directly in whatever app that I happen 
to be using. You can also use your Insta360 Link   Directly in software like OBS Studio. And this is 
perfect for streaming to say Twitch or YouTube or   Facebook. Right down here, simply click on this 
plus icon and select video capture device. Here   I can select my device and I'll pick the Insta360 
Link and then click on okay. And right here, I see   My image directly in OBS. If you're interested in 
learning more about how you can use OBS Studio,   Be sure to check out the video right up above. 
Down in the bottom right-hand corner, here I can   Start streaming or here I can start recording so 
many different options. Lastly, you can also use   The link together with NVIDIA Broadcast and this 
really enhances the functionality of the camera.   You can use this if you have an RTX graphics 
card. Right here, I have the camera selected   And you can apply all of these different effects 
to your image. Here for example, I can blur the   Background and this gives it this really high end 
DSLR look. Down below, I can also apply all of   These other effects to my video. So, it's another 
way to enhance or extend the capabilities of the   Link webcam. All in all, this is the best webcam 
I have ever used, but there are some drawbacks.   The first one is that you cannot use this with 
Windows Hello to log into your Windows PC.   To be able to use that, you need an infrared 
sensor, and this camera does not have that.   The second thing is it includes some built in 
microphones and they're pretty much what you   Would expect for a webcam. They get the job done, 
but they're not amazing. This is what the audio   Sounds like directly through the webcam. If audio 
really matters to you, you'll probably want to   Use an external microphone. Lastly, and probably 
the biggest deal breaker is the very steep price   For this webcam. It's significantly more than 
most other competition in the webcam market.   That being said, you get a lot more functionality, 
but maybe the tracking doesn't matter to you.   Maybe you don't need desk view. Maybe you 
don't need a 4K camera. If that's the case,   This camera is likely overkill, and you could 
find something cheaper. All right, let me know   Down below in the comments, what do you think 
of this webcam? At least for me personally,   This is going to be my primary webcam moving 
forward. To watch more videos like this one,   Please consider subscribing and 
I’ll see you in the next video.