10X Your PowerPoint Skills with AI ūüöÄ

10X Your PowerPoint Skills with AI ūüöÄ

In this step-by-step tutorial, learn how you can exponentially improve your PowerPoint skills using AI or artificial intelligence. Instantly makeover your slides, become a better speaker and presenter, and make your slides accessible to people throughout the world with just a few clicks and basic refinements.

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0:00 Introduction
0:38 AI powered designer
4:52 Cameo & live video
5:36 OpenAI and PowerPoint
6:58 Presentation coach
8:42 Subtitles
9:57 Wrap up

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Hi everyone, Kevin here. Today, we are going to 
look at how you can 10x your PowerPoint skills   Using AI. If you've ever pulled together 
a presentation that looks like this, Don't worry, you're not alone. That's what just about all of 
my presentations look like. But with the help of AI, you can make 
your presentation look like this. And that only took a few clicks. With AI, you can not only make your 
presentation look like a designer pulled It together, but you can also become 
both a better speaker and also presenter. Let's find out how. Here I am in PowerPoint, and I'm pulling 
together a presentation for the company Meeting for the Kevin Cookie Company. And I think we can all agree 
that this slide is uninspiring. Let's see if AI can help us make this look better. Up in the top left-hand corner, let's 
click on the home tab and all the Way over on the right-hand side, 
there's a feature called designer. Let's click on this. This opens up the designer pane 
over on the right-hand side. And here I see all of these different 
slides suggestions that promise An instant makeover of my slide. Designer looks at the contents 
of the slide and makes Recommendations based on that. So here I talk about a company meeting. So here I see all these company people meeting. So here's a nice one with video, And here I also have some static 
images and I can look through all Of these different designs. At the very bottom, I could also 
click on see more designs and here I Get even more options that I can insert. Here's another video option. And here I have some more static image options. Now I think this first one looks good. So all I need to do is simply 
click on this file and that now Instantly makes over my slide. And this looks a lot better.

In fact, I would say a designer 
pulled something like this together. That looks really nice. Now that I've inserted this new 
design, in the top right-hand Corner, here I'll close designer. If I click on designer again, 
here, it'll now generate new design Recommendations that take into account 
the new design that I have in the slide. Now, overall, I'm happy with this design. So here I'll close designer. Over on the left-hand side, I'm going 
to paste in some additional slides that I'd like to include in this presentation. And one of the neat things is these 
additional slides now leverage The design from the first slide. So that way all my slides 
have a nice, consistent look. Although the slides all have a 
consistent look, this one doesn't look Nearly as impressive as my first slide. Here I have slide talking about customer 
feedback at the Kevin Cookie Company. Now let's just say that there's 
a little bit of mixed feedback, But we're working on this. Let's again, see if designer can help us here. In the top right-hand corner, 
I'll click on designer. This now generates a number 
of different design ideas. And one of the really nice things is 
you'll notice that the color scheme Matches the initial color 
scheme from my first slide. So this way I can maintain a nice uniform look. Now I think this first 
suggestion looks pretty good. So here I'll click on this and this 
automatically transforms my slide. And one of the really neat things 
here's some of the content on my slide. I have the feedback, rude, 
expensive, and delicious. And you'll notice that all of 
these icons match the different Context or the text on the slide. That's pretty cool. If for whatever reason, the icon doesn't 
match exactly what you're trying to Communicate, it's very easy to change. Here, I could right click on the icon 
and right down here, there's the

Option to change the graphic. Here I could click on from icons and 
here I have all of these different Options of icons that I can insert. And here I can even search 
against all of the icons. Moving on to the next slide. We are opening up some new cookie 
stores in all of these different cities. If you happen to live in one of 
these cities, consider yourself Very lucky. Ideally, I'd like to represent 
all of these different opening Dates on a timeline, but that takes a lot 
of work to pull together in PowerPoint. Let's click on designer to see if that can help. This opens up all of the different 
design ideas and there are some Very attractive looking slides, 
but I really want a timeline. If I scroll down just a little bit, 
here's a very nice looking option. Here I'll click on this and this inserts 
the slide design and look at that. Here I have this nice timeline with a 
visual indicator of when all of these Different locations are opening up. This looks really nice. If you want to see even more timeline 
options, you can simply go up to the top Right-hand corner, close designer, and then 
reopen designer, and here it'll suggest All these different options with timelines. So you could go through all 
these different styles to See what works the best for you. One of the really neat things is you 
could simply leave the designer pane open. And here, when I click into the next 
slide, here we outline our path to Profitability. Here you'll see designer 
automatically updates with different Design options for this slide. And I think this one looks pretty good. So I'll select that. And just like this, my slide 
deck is starting to look so Much better than it did before. Moving on to the next slide. I would like to include a message from 
our CEO, and I think the best way to Do this is to include a live video.

Up on top, let's click on insert and 
there's a new option called cameo. If you'd like to learn all about 
including live video in your Presentations and be sure to check 
out the video right up above. Here, I'll insert a cameo and look at that. I am now included on my slide in real time. The really neat thing is here in 
the designer pane, this incorporates Different live video feeds 
into these different designs. So here let's select this one. This slide looks pretty nice and you 
can now see my video on the slide. This is pretty epic. Let's now move on to the last slide in 
this presentation. On this last slide, Here, I just have a big blurb of 
text and we all know that this is a Guaranteed way to get people to tune out. So let's see if I could use AI 
to auto summarize this text. Here I am on OpenAI's website, and I 
want to use the DaVinci three text model. If you'd like to test this out, you 
could click on the link up above or Also down below in the description. Here, I'll paste in that text from the 
slide and I've included some additional Text that says summarize this 
text into three bullet points. Let's see what it comes up with. I'll click on submit. So I've submitted my instruction 
and here I see the three Bullet points at the bottom. So here launched a new cookie, 
double double chocolate chip. That was one of the main 
things we did this past year. Here it also says expanded into 
25 countries and increased online Sales by 50% and then invested in 
production facilities, research and Development, resulting in innovative 
new products, and honestly, that does A pretty good job of summing up this 
big paragraph of text. Here, I'll copy These three bullet points and let's 
bring it back into PowerPoint. Here I've pasted all those bullet points into 
PowerPoint, and this looks so much better, But you probably know what we're going 
to do next. Back on the home tab over on The right hand side, let's click on 
designer and here we have some beautiful Designs. Let's go with this one, the future, 
and then here I have my bullet points.

This is looking so much better. Now that AI has helped us make these 
slides look so much more beautiful, Let's see how it can help us become 
better presenters and also speakers. Here I am now in PowerPoint on the web 
and up on top, let's click on the tab Titled slideshow and right here, there's 
the option to rehearse with coach. This is also available in the desktop 
app, but the feature's a little bit Richer on the web, so I'm going to use it here. If you click on this dropdown, you have 
a few different options that you can set, But I'm all set to go, so let's click on 
rehearse with coach. This now opens up My presentation and in the bottom right 
hand corner, I see a welcome message from My new personal AI coach and down at the very 
bottom, I can turn on real time feedback. That sounds interesting. So I'll leave that on and then 
click on start rehearsing. And yeah, uh, this is the company meeting. Oh yeah. And don't use filler words. And look at the camera and look 
at all that feedback I'm getting. Thank you, coach. This is great. I can advance through all of my 
slides and I can speak to them and I Could practice my delivery, 
customer feedback, people love us. You can look at all the feedback right there. We have lots of new cookie stores 
opening up and you just run Through your presentation. Once you're all done, simply 
exit out of your presentation and Then you get a rehearsal report. In this report, you get a summary. Here. I could see that I was using 
a lot of filler words. Here I could see information about my pacing, 
my pitch over the entire presentation. I even get feedback on my body language. Here I wasn't always maintaining eye contact, And here I see that feedback with examples 
of when I wasn't maintaining eye contact. This is an excellent way to improve 
your speaking and presentation Skills, all thanks to AI.

Along with making you a better 
speaker, you can also use AI to make Your presentations more accessible. Up under the slideshow tab up on top, you'll 
see an option for always use subtitles. When I click on this dropdown, you 
can select the spoken language. I'll be speaking in English, so 
I'll make sure to select this. And over here, you can select your subtitle 
language, and it doesn't necessarily have To be the language that you're speaking in. It's currently set to English, but maybe 
I want my subtitles to appear in German. I'll select that. Down below, you can also select 
the location of your subtitles. I'll leave it set to below slide and 
over here, I'll click on from beginning To start presenting my slides. 
This now launches my presentation. If I move my mouse to the bottom left-hand 
corner, I see all these different Controls and here I'll click on 
this one to show my subtitles. Now at the very bottom of my slide, we can 
see these subtitles appear as I'm speaking. Now, I'm speaking in English, but these 
subtitles are showing up in German. It's pretty phenomenal how AI can detect 
what I'm saying and then translate It in real time into another language. This makes presentations so much more 
accessible to people throughout the world. Hopefully now none of us ever 
have to sit through a boring PowerPoint presentation again. That is as long as we all still have jobs 
and AI doesn't just completely take over. To watch more videos like this 
one, please consider subscribing And I'll see you in the next video.