5 Advanced Secrets to Writing with Chat GPT

5 Advanced Secrets to Writing with Chat GPT

Today we look at 5 ways to get the maximum out of ChatGPT for writing.


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So let's assume there's a writing Competition and you put two people in a Room both have chat GPT one of them has The tips from this video the other one Doesn't the one with these tips would Win every single time and it wouldn't Even be close because it's been two Months since I have been collecting tips And tricks on chat gbt and other AI apps On a daily basis and in this video I'm Gonna reveal to you five more secrets to Riding with Chachi BT we're gonna talk About customizing your style remixing Other people's Styles learning and Talking to chat GPT in an advanced Manner and in the end I'll show you how To go beyond asking me just one killer Prompt so let's start exploring secret Number one customizing chat gpt's output To match your very own style and wait a Minute it I know you might have heard of This but I have an extra prompt coming Here in a second that you might not have Heard about yet so if you're not Familiar a popular technique with chat GPT is taking this line by the way this Is from a page in the introduction of my Ebook that teaches you how to use chat GPT to mimic your own style and if we Simply copy paste this formula we can Place our own writing at the end of this And last text for style and tone of Voice apply that exact style and tone of Voice to all of your future responses so

This is how you would begin to teach it Your style and what I'll do now is open Up one of these emails that I wrote by Myself and simply post it at the bottom Of this prompt once you hit enter Chatgpt comes back with analysis of your Style the style is informal and personal With a conversational tone the tone of Voice is empathetic relatable and Motivational understood I'll respond Using that style with that tone of voice And now any other writing request I have Will come back in that style but wait I Got more and now every other writing Request that I make will be written that Exact style so if I say write me a 100 Word email about the importance of a Company trip to the zoo Look it's informal personal Conversational and the tone of voice is Relatable perfect so one side note here Is that this works best if you feed it The type of text that it's going to Output makes sense right if you give it A dissertation and ask for our email It's not going to perfectly match the Styles not great or terrible so what I Would recommend is going up here and Actually copying this very first prompt Storing it in some sort of note and Every time you want chat GPT to write an Email in your style you simply start With this prompt and then continue by Asking it for what you need and it's

Going to maintain your consistent style All it takes is one good email that is Really representative of you and you can Keep applying the template in the future But here's a bonus tip let's say I take The second prompt open up a new Conversation And say in future responses also Occasionally once every free sentences Apply the style of Borat what type of Dog is this this is a tortoise and he Comes back and says understood I will Now occasionally include a touch of Humor in the style of Borat in my future Responses while maintaining a Conversational tone and with little Add-ons like this you can keep refining The style that will deliver the text to You so let's go back and test it with The email that we tried generating Before and look at that it actually Ignored the Borat request and this Happens sometimes look it's not perfect You still have to keep your eyes open And keep going so all I'll do here is Follow up with what about the board Style request I made try again and it Does it and although it's not perfect as It uses his style in almost every single Sentence by pushing it into the Direction of use it in every third it's Not all Borat anymore and obviously this Is a ridiculous example you could do This with every single writer in their

World and remix your own writing with His type of style okay so next up I'm Going to show you how to improve your Writing skill not just the output by Using chat GPT so there's really three Levels to using chat GPT right you have The people that simply copy paste then You have the people like copy paste and Use it as a starting point and start Remixing it with their own thoughts Ideas and that is probably the best way To use it but I want to introduce a Third way and that is going Beyond level 2 which is really good already it's Using chat GPT as a starting point then Remixing and adapting it plus you open Up a new chat GPT window to gain some Experiences to further remix chat GPT And this does take more time and effort But it actually builds your skill of Writing and creates better outputs over The long term so let me show you two Formulas that you can apply to use it on This third and most advanced level how Can I use insert style of writing to Create successful insert output so for Example let's do copywriting and outrage Emails and by asking it this educational Type question we can build our knowledge Before we go in and use some other Formulas to actually generate the Outreach emails in other words you're Doing a crash course on writing like This it gives you some steps personalize

The emails clearly State the purpose and Benefits in the subject line make a Clear call to action keep the email Concise and proofread and test the email Before sending it to a larger audience Incredible advice for any anybody Entering a new Arena it doesn't have to Be copywriting and Outreach emails Because now I know what to look for but That's not it I have another formula Here that you can use to expand your Knowledge of pretty much any domain so It goes give me examples of popular and Then type of text as we're talking about Writing so I'll just replace type of Text with Outreach emails again and in Like a minute I learned about best Practices when writing Outreach emails Plus it gave me some of the main Categories honestly with maybe the Exception of a seasoned professional Sitting right next to you there's no Faster way to learning about a new Subject than asking these two simple Questions and now you're ready to go Ahead and make it write your Outreach Email for example but you already have a Framework that you can use to judge the Output and get better results okay so Let's move on to the next trick here and That is that chatgpt actually has a Built-in capability to act like a Conversational partner now why would This be useful in writing well let's

Have a look if you go to my website you Might be aware that I have a Weekly Newsletter where I share a new chat GPT Prompts AI apps and much more and I'll Link this below but I set up an archive Of all the newsletters so for free you Can just go on here and if we open up Week Force newsletter my prompt of the Week was this interview simulator and we Can use that for writing too if we Customize it a little bit so we'll just Go ahead and say simulate a high level Interview for a chief copywriter by Asking questions as if you're a Potential employer in this scenario I'm Taking the role of the employee and you Ask increasingly hard questions to Screen my competence but only after I Respond start by introducing yourself It's Brittany and by the way I'll Put all this into the video's Description so if you go below you can Just copy paste and test everything that I introduced inside of this video and Look by the way Chief copywriter doesn't Have to be a real position Chachi PT is Greater than foreign context so it knows What you mean if you use expressive Words like Chief and now you can start Having a conversation here and let's Just say you're fully honest with it and You say honestly I have not done much Copywriting in the past but I would love To learn and look during the third

Response you might already realize why I Recommend you do this When approaching New topics this framework of talking to Somebody that is trying to hire you for A position that maybe you have no Business in taking But you're trying to accomplish the task In this example you're trying to become A better copywriter this chat GPT job Interviewer starts bringing up some of The right questions that you can then Ask and what I mean by that is these Little Snippets like can you discuss how You stay current with industry Trends And techniques for copywriting whoa That's a fantastic question you can just Go ahead and ask your GPT And guess what now I take this output Which is fantastic advice by the way and I send it back as an interview response And remember we set this up so the Interviewer asks increasingly hard Questions so what I can do here again is Take his hard question and input this Into the other thread on chat gbt now You can already see where this is going Right I'm using chat GPT to talk to Itself to generate increasingly useful Responses and all of this is invaluable Information and as you can see we can Just keep going here and we'll just keep Getting better and harder questions on Our topic and better and more detailed Responses to learn from and I'm so

Excited about this one because the Combination of hard questions answer GPT Answering them is one of the best ways I Discovered to use chatgpt to learn new Skills like any category of writing but That's not all wait I have two more Secrets here so look this next one is Super short and simple so as we Discussed in the last video you can go Ahead and say in the style of let's just Use good old board again waddle around All day is so funny Look at that very admirable like Boris And fight against kovit oh boy look at Some of this output Penguins best Birds But what I want to show you here is you Can go a step further than simply saying In the style of Borat by adding with a PhD in Zoology So now it's not just gonna be Borat but It's gonna be bored with a PhD in Zoology and look I like these ridiculous Examples because when it works with Borat where it has a very limited data Set it learned from it's going to work With every writer where it consumes Multiple volumes of their work to Analyze their style and look these Results are great they're unique Adaptations make them perfectly suited For aquatic environments and given it's Not perfect as I said Boyd is one of Those examples where it just doesn't Have enough data to do it perfectly but

If you look at the last two sentences it Really sounds like Borat completed his PhD in Zoology their social behavior and Huddling tactics conserve heat in their Chili habitats ah yes penguin's truly Impressive creatures So yes please go ahead and try it with Someone meaningful and you'll be Rewarded with some incredible results Okay time for my last chat GPT writing Secret here but before we do that I want To give you a bonus tip actually 100 Bonus tips if you haven't done so yet You can go to this URL and sign up for Free to My Weekly Newsletter and get This mini ebook that has over 100 Prompts for you to try out right away That's 34 Pages packed with practical Examples like the ones with discussed in This very video and it's completely free And then if you enjoy the mini book and You want even more prompts you can go Ahead and buy my full ebook which is Simply put four times the content of This mini version plus I have a German Version now too and if you want to buy It on Amazon because that's your thing You can do that too now but now let's Talk about my last tip and that is use Good follow-up prompts so as you can see The more advanced we get with our Prompting the longer the conversation Goes and that's really the secret to Being good with chat GPT you have to be

Able how to interface with it how to Talk to it in order to get more precise And relevant results to you so let's Just rerun the essay about penguins in The style of Bukowski with a PhD in Zoology and I'm gonna give you free Super useful follow-up prompts so the First one would connect to the last Thing we discussed and that is changing The style After Effects so by saying now In the style of Dostoyevsky we get the Same text in a different style but this One you might have figured out by your Own I just wanted to illustrate what a Follow-up prompt is let me give you a Super useful one that I use all the time Two words try again because as you might Know chat GPT writes this text by Predicting the next token which is Something in between a letter and a word What that means in practice is that Every output is different as it's not Predicting the entire text but it's Simply going token by token so by Hitting it with try again you're going To get different outputs every single Time you do that unless it's overloaded And super slow again I guess and there You go that works every time but I have One more follow-up prompt here that you Need to know of so when you ask Chachi PT for a long text it used to get stuck But now it tells you that thousand words Is simply too long but what you can do

Is say write me the first 500 Words of a 1 000 word essay and with this little Workaround it does it and then as my Final follow-up prompt you just tell it Keep going and it will keep expanding on Its last thoughts not bad right not bad Not bad so if you learned anything new Hit that like button get the free ebook And the free newsletter and check out This video which is going to expand your AI Advantage even further than all the Tricks that we just went through