ChatGPT Ignoring You? Fix It!

ChatGPT Ignoring You? Fix It!

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Learn how to troubleshoot problems with ChatGPT in this video! Follow along as we try different methods to correct ChatGPT’s response to a prompt that initially failed. You’ll see how specific phrasing and asking questions can help address issues with the AI language model. Don’t miss out on this informative and practical video!

Chat GPT:


🤔 You forgot to replace the benefits with different use cases. Try again.
📝You forgot to replace the benefits with different use cases. For example, you should have replaced [A] with [B]. Now try again.
👀Why are you not replacing the [benefits] part of the formula?

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Have you ever asked Chachi PT for Something but it refused to do it well You're not alone it's actually quite Common and that's why today I'll take You step by step through the process of Getting through issues that's right We'll be looking at an actual example of A problem that arose during my latest Live stream I was showing you how to use The mother of all prompts a quite Advanced chat GPT command that allows You to take one use case and generate Hundreds of examples from that but That's not what this video is about it's About the fact that while using it we Ran into an issue that we could not Solve and it didn't work didn't work to Be more concrete we asked it to generate Examples of benefits that could be Provided and it refused instead of Giving us examples of benefits it always Just used the word benefits My Hope Is That this video is going to teach you How to handle problems with chat GPT Because you're about to see me fail Three times in a row with different Follow-up prompts none of them fixed the Problem I had but eventually we get this To work one more thing don't be Intimidated it but a complexity of what We're about to look at the takeaway from This video is different ways you can Handle problems in jet GPT with that Being said here's my first attempt at

Correcting chat's GPT you forgot to Replace The benefits try again or maybe I can be Even more specific with different use Cases try again and I'm just gonna run This and now it should go ahead and Replace the benefits and it doesn't so This was the basic approach and I'll Tell you from experience 8 out of 10 Times this is gonna fix it and all of a Sudden it's gonna do exactly what you Wanted to do it's going to replace the Benefits now we're going to ask Differently just like in real life we're Gonna get a little more strict here okay We're gonna expand this prompt okay We're gonna say you forgot to replace The benefits with different use cases Try again and what do we add just like I Told you we're gonna add another prompt Block and again in the course we're Gonna go into this like step by step but Just take my word for it one of the best Things you can do is add like uh input And outputs examples like this so we're Gonna go ahead and say you forgot to Replace the benefits with different use Cases and then we're gonna say for Example you should have replaced Benefits With we're gonna use one of the examples Here With then we're going to copy it again And we're going to give it a output

Example outlining the incredible C View And the Complementary Spa offered by their Sustainable practices and carbon neutral Footprint and we'll say now try again Okay hold up I know this looks Complicated but it's actually not let me Explain this all we're doing here is Setting one part which says for example You should have replaced a with B that's It and this is really helpful because You're telling the language model Exactly what you expect it to do with Your input let's keep going so let's Hope it gets it done now outlining the Benefits of it with varied benefits okay Outlining the benefits offered by their Streamed land and it didn't work didn't Work we gave it our best so far it still Didn't work and look am I a little Bummed out that this didn't work on a Second attempt of course but that's the Reality of this if you want to use this And you want to use this at a slightly Advanced level you're not gonna always Get the results you want in a few Seconds all right yes very sad anyway so We're gonna keep trying here until we Crack this let's just try simply you Forgot to replace the benefits in Examples 2 to 10 again please replace Them with custom benefits for the According example again we're specific Right he forgotten two to ten he didn't

Forget the number one sometimes it takes A little more effort like this okay it's Just the nature of the Beast right now Let's see if this works it still doesn't Do it um I think at some core level with This one concrete prompt if I'm seeing This it has a really hard time replacing This okay so at this point in the live Stream I tried three times and it still Wasn't working and now I need you to pay Attention because what I do next is Change my Approach instead of going this Route over and over again I decide to Take a different route and I ask it a Question here's another trick why are You not replacing the benefits part of The formula you can always ask apologize For the confusion I misunderstood your Previous request to address your concern I will replace the benefits parts of the Formula with custom benefits for each Example it gets it and this made it work This made it work chat GPT Yeah You did it perfect look at that Outlining the positive impact on their Community blah blah it replaced the Benefits we did it nice and this is what It looks like right this is prompt Engineering at its core if you wonder It's this you sit here you type into Your keyboard all day and you make these Different use cases work alright so if You want to watch the whole live stream

Including a q a about the AI we had After the fact you can check it out Right here we're going to be testing Different chat GPT techniques tips and Tricks like this every Monday live at 1pm EST so come join us and feel free to Ask your questions right there live I'll See you there