Don’t Miss This Crucial Step of the Sales Process!

Don't Miss This Crucial Step of the Sales Process!

A good greeting determines your ability to perform the rest of the sales process well and sell.

If you skip out on greeting your customers well, your chances of selling your customer will significantly decrease no matter how well you follow the rest of the sales process.

➡️ You cannot shortcut the sales process unless you want to sacrifice the sale

Follow these tips on how to perfect your greeting so that you nail the next close and sell your customer.



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Hey guys what's a super quick tip for You to be super successful this week if You need to know the sales process one Of the biggest problems I see sales People running into is that they're Trying to fact find they're trying to Present they're trying to close when the Buyer isn't at ease and they think they Have a closing problem when reality they Never got out of the greeting when You're in the greeting the main things That you actually need to accomplish are You need to put the priorities you need To establish Rapport you need to build Common ground and you need to get the Buyer to put their guard down and Actually hand control of the sales cycle Over to you if you never actually Accomplish those things you're not going To be able to have them actually answer Good questions you're not going to be Able to present effectively and you're Not going to be able to close so make Sure when you're selling this week that You're putting the buyers making them Feel relaxed and comfortable and you get Them to hand control over the sale over To you so that you can be effective in Your job