How I make UNDETECTABLE AI Content (that Google Loves)

How I make UNDETECTABLE AI Content (that Google Loves)

Are you wondering how to create undetectable AI content that Google will love? In this video, you’ll learn how to produce high-quality, undetectable AI articles that will become a massive traffic generator.

00:00 Introduction
00:48 Generate AI Content
03:43 Free Techniques
05:10 Write as Human
07:33 Emoji & Comma Tricks
09:09 Why This All Matters

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In this video I'm going to show you how To create completely undetectable AI Content Google will have no clue if it's Written by an AI and neither will humans Want proof an AI content piece pulled a 100 guaranteed AI score before I worked My magic on it then after I use just one Of the techniques I'll show you in this Video we now have 100 original Okay cool So I can pass AI detection tools so what How does that translate into anything Useful well when you can produce high Quality undetectable AI articles you can Generate enormous amounts of content Like it's no one's business which is Going to sprout a massive traffic boner For your website so you can then start Printing money like Papa Powell now There's multiple ways that people claim They can beat AI detection tools such as Rewriting the content with quill bot the Emoji trick and quite a few more I'm Going to test each of them out to see Which ones work but first let's generate Some AI content and plug it into each of The detection tools so we can get a Baseline to avoid chat GPT lag time and Usage blackouts which have been rampant As of late I'm going to use open ai's Playground to generate my test content Here's my prompt and thank me later if You're an 80s fan write me an article on My Big Trouble in Little China is a Better movie than Top Gun bam here's the

Content now let's go on over to to see if it Buffs me Red-handed for using AI this is a paid Tool so let's hope it diagnoses it Correctly you plop in the content here Let it run and here we go originality Says there's a 98 chance of being AI Content good for you originality now Let's toss it into AI cheat One of the free tools as expected 100 Certain the text was written by Ai and Lastly let's test out open ai's own Detection tool AI text classifier okay Then the classifier considers the text To be very unlikely AI generated pretty Fast that open ai's own tool misses the Mark But noted so here's where we stand Article 1 is 98 likely to be AI on Originality 100 AI on cheat sheet and Unlikely an open ai's own tool let's Keep going and create a few more test Cases keeping up with the Retro theme Open AI write me an article on why Rollerblading is dead four percent Chance it was AI according to Originality a hundred percent on AI Cheat sheet and unclear according to Open AI so putting all these results Together so far we're starting to see Some inconsistency at least with the First tool open a is tool is still lost AF before you start tricking these tools Let's generate one more test case write Me an article on proper form for bench

Press AI D even lift bro apparently it Does and here's the content so this time We have originality with 99 Ai and cheat Sheet with one percent and open AI Itself still confused here's our Baseline ultimately both originality and AI cheat sheet are inconsistent and open Ai's tool can probably just be ignored Let's start to do some magic tricks to See if I can improve these scores but First make sure to sign up for my free SEO training masterclass by using the Link in the pin comment it goes over all The magic I'm doing today to get sites To the top of Google Now back to the Show the first AI undetection technique Is that even a word anyways the first Technique I'm going to use is quill bot For rewriting your content you do do This by going to quill bot dropping in Your content and then hitting paraphrase Once I put in the 80s movie AI text we Get this new content on the right let's Just copy this new text and paste it Back into originality well well well Originally said it was 98 fake before Now it's 95 real that was easy now let's Drop into the AI cheat sheet 100 AI Content before and now it's 59 chance of Its human written or in other words 41 Chance of his AI then we have open AI Itself with possibly AI generated that's Actually an improvement for the tool From their previous unlikely

Classification bringing the same quill Bot process over for the two other test Cases we end up with the following Results which are interesting if the Articles were previously super Detectable by the tools then coolbot is For sure going to improve it but if they Were already passing with flying colors Cobot will likely make it worse which is Expected if it's not broken don't try to Fix it coolbot requires a paid account If you input any significant amount of Characters so let's move over to testing Some of the free techniques the Following few are all under the umbrella Of telling the AI not to write like an AI starting with perplexity and Burstiness what There's this post on medium where the Author shared the following prompt to Pre-train your AI before it starts word Vomiting hey chatgpt regarding Generating writing content two factors Are crucial to being the highest degree Perplexity and burstiness perplexity Measures the complexity of the text Separately burstiness compares the Variations of sentences humans send them Right with greater burstiness for Example with some longer or more complex Sentences alongside shorter ones AI Sentences tend to be more uniform Therefore generated text content must Have the highest degree of perplexity

And the highest degree of burstiness the Other two factors are that writing Should be maximum contextually relevant And maximum coherent take this word Block drop it into your AI tool and then Ask it to create a Content based on the Above write me an article on why Big Trouble in Little China is a better Movie than Top Gun originally says it's 78 AI which is an improvement from the 98 before AI cheat sheet went from 100 AI to only 11 Ai and open AI itself went From possibly to likely adding in the Results for the other two test cases we End end up with the table like this I'd Say that this perplexity prompt is Pretty damn inconsistent it did decently For the first test case but bombed ass On the second two Skip by the way if You're curious as to why we even care in The first place about passing a Detection software first off yes it's Very important and I'll dig into why After I finish up these tests next we Have another pre-training prompt that Tells the tool how to write like a human Try to sound like a human writer writing For a Blog writing in the first person Giving advice try to sound unique and Right in an unpredictable fashion that Doesn't sound like gpd3 here's how I Perform for test cases one and two it Screwed the pooch but for the bench Press content it did really well how

About if we ask the AI itself how to Write undetectable AI content what are The key attributes of conversational Content that is undetectable as being Written by an AI open AI tells you that This content would include human-like Grammar punctuation and spelling that Would look human contact space content Creation and so forth and then you ask It to generate your content now we're Talking based on all the simple Pre-training exercises we've used so far Asking the ad directly how to pass the Tech gives the most consistent result What if we ask the almighty AI how to Fix content that's already written let It first write your content in vanilla Mode then you ask it to rewrite the Above content so that it is not detected As AI content by a Content writers and Here's a result winner winner chicken Dinner this is our best performing Technique so far simply asking the AI to Rewrite itself for passability results In great scores for all the tools Foreign Thank you to affiliate lab member and Chiang my buddy chrismanac for that tip Next if you haven't already seen my case Study where I broke 50k traffic with a Pure AI site make sure to check it out After you finish here Link in the Description in that video I mentioned That I've been using a beta version of

Surfer's upcoming AI tool that will Generate AI content on the Fly that's Actually SEO optimized it looks at the Top ranking articles to determine how to Create the article outline how long to Write the content and what entities and Critical keywords need to be in your Content and at what frequencies it Actually does a lot more than that but Let's see how detectable it is bear in Mind the surfer tool generates full Articles and longer content has a much Higher chance of detectability so here Goes nothing the big trouble article hit 28 AI on originality AA cheat sheet Guarantees it was a human who wrote it In the open AI tool choked up on it Probably because it's too long that's What she said Ladies and gentlemen woman we have a new Champion the surfer content bamboozle Seat detection tool is better than any Other technique so far now there's Something I want to mention I gotta Admit that was more than a bit nervous Putting the surfer tool to the test not Only because I'm an investor but because I'm putting this content on my freaking Websites so seeing these results was a Huge relief and if anyone would like to Verify that I'm not making these numbers Up I'm happy to share the content with You so you can run the tools yourself if You're interested in applying for the

Surfer AI beta test use the link in the Description the next Technique we have Is a fun one and that's the Emoji trick You ask it to generate your content but Insert an emoji after each word and then When it's done you ask it to remove the Emojis while the Emoji trick did perform Super well in the bench press article it Definitely fell short in the other two In my opinion this isn't consistent Enough so let's call this mythbusted Next the comma trick write me an article On proper form for bench press but Remove as many comments as possible the Combat techniques seem to work on Originality and open ai's detector in a Test case or two but it's definitely not Consistent enough to add to your process Now we're about to get into why this all Matters but let's take a look at the Final results the winners are clear Surfers AI performs the best followed by The rewrite the content technique and Then good old you tell me how to write Human-like content Google has gone back And forth on their stance on whether or Not AI content is against their Guidelines or not in April of last year They were like nah bro AI is fully Against our guidelines specifically if You're using machine learning tools to Generate your content it's essentially The same as if you're just shuffling Words around or looking up synonyms or

Doing the translation tricks that people Used to do and that doing that is still Automatically generated content and that Means for us it's still against the Webmaster guidelines but then in February they released an official Statement in Google search Central and Said they'd reward high quality content However it's produced okay but that's Not surprising they have to take the Stance because they're clearly going to Be used AI themselves in their search Results to compete with Bing's chat GPT Integration and Danny Sullivan clarified This with quote content written Primarily for search engines rather than Humans is the issue if someone fires up A hundred humans to write content just To rank or fires up a spinner or AI say Issue sure I agree that the ultimate Goal would be to create content that Humans would enjoy and encourages them To do what you would want them to do on Your website namely generate you money Through ads or conversions But Ultimately as a search engine Professional I'm obviously producing This content so it performs well in Google or any other search engine for That matter but there seems to be an Unclear line that you're not supposed to Cross in the affiliate lab we have a Private Mastermind group with the top Performers who have sold businesses for

Six figures or more one of the members Dave Gibbons has a theory which I Gravitate to the most Google will treat It just like it does with plagiarism or Duplicate content AI will be allowed but It will be deemed a lower quality Article than a Unique Piece with Equivalent other SEO factors I agree 100 Google needs to incentivize people for Creating real original content otherwise What in God's name will the AI be able To scrape its information from so if You're going to be using AI in your SEO Strategy the name of the game is to make It appear human I told Dave that this Was a very good theory after which he Sarcastically responded with if only I Was in a group with someone with an Engineering background that could build A hypothesis from it and do a load of Tests and then let me know the reality Touche my friend touche and that's what I'm up to right now I'm running single Variable tests right now to see how AI Content performs against human content In the actual search results make sure To subscribe so you don't miss my Findings