How to Make Business Website

How to Make Business Website

In this step-by-step tutorial, learn how to build a professional business website from scratch using Wix. We start with the absolute basics of settings up a new account and run through how to choose a template, add images, modify text, and we finish with publishing your new website.


00:00 Introduction
00:33 Configure site type
02:17 Dashboard
03:22 Design site wizard
05:34 Website editor
06:04 Edit text element
06:59 Edit image element
08:57 Sections
10:06 Add video element
11:03 Add text element
11:41 Add social element
12:47 Delete section
13:09 Pages
14:27 Add Apps
15:22 Site design
15:38 Media
15:56 Preview on desktop and mobile
16:55 Publish website
17:29 Premium plans
17:47 Wrap up

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Hey everyone, Michael here. Today, we're 
going to build a professional looking website   For your business. We're going to start with the 
basics of having nothing at all, and by the end,   We're going to have a fully functional website 
ready to go. We are going to add product listings,   Business hours, and locations. It's going to look 
beautiful because we're using Wix, which is one   Of the best web builders out there, and we'll show 
you how to do this step by step and you can follow   Along. When I worked at Google Domains, we saw 
a lot of customers choosing Wix because of its   Competitive pricing and its ease of use. Let's go 
check it out. Here we are on the Wix homepage. You   Can get here by clicking in the top right-hand 
card or down below in the description. Feel free   To follow along. At the end of this, you'll have a 
fully functional website. It's completely free and   No credit card is required. Next, I'm going to hit 
get started. Once you've logged in, they're going   To ask you who you are creating this website for, 
and since I'm creating it for my business at the   Kevin Cookie Company, I will select this, then 
continue. Next, Wix is going to ask us what type   Of website we want to create. I'm going to see if 
they have something available for Cookie Shop and   They do. So, I will select that and continue. 
Because I've selected Cookie Shop as the type   Of business, I want to build a website for, Wix 
has provided me with a lot of beautiful designs   To choose from. You can go down here and load even 
more templates if you like. It's important to note   If you choose one of these templates, you can't 
change the template later. You can customize a lot   Of the different elements of the template, such as 
text and images, but you are actually beholden to   The template. I don't want to choose one of these 
templates yet, so I'm going to go ahead and skip   So we can work on building from a completely blank 
template later. Next, Wix will ask us to fill in a   Website name. You can change this at any time, but 
we are going to put in the Kevin Cookie Company,   And you can see it populate here where it'll 
show up on your website. And we like the way that   Looks, so we're going to hit continue. One of the 
great things about Wix is they allow you to add   Apps to your website. You can add things like your 
Instagram feed, or you can set up an online store   To sell any kind of physical goods or products. 
You can also even put up a portfolio of your work   If you're an artist or a photographer, but I'm 
just looking to make a pretty basic website right   Now, so I am going to uncheck these and then I'll 
click go to dashboard. Next, we land on an area   That Wix calls the dashboard. This is like the 
control center for your entire website. We can   Also see how far we are in the website building 
process. It says one out of four steps completed.   Also, it says it here. We see that we've already 
completed one of these steps, which is to update   The type of site we're using, and the second step 
is to connect a custom domain. You can either buy   A website domain from Wix or connect one that you 
already own. You don't need to connect a domain   That you own or buy one, you just would be running 
off of a Wix domain that they provide for you,   Which may not look as professional as 
you would like it to. On the left side,  

We also have an array of advanced options like 
contacts and analytics and reporting. Contacts   Is where you can add other team members to help 
you build and maintain the website, and analytics   And reporting can help you see how many visitors 
you've had to your site and what the site load   Speeds are like. I don't want to deal with any of 
those right now, and it's also important to note   That you can skip around through these steps. I 
just want to go directly to the part where we get   Our site designed, so I will click design site. 
Here Wix gives us two ways that we can design   Our website. They can either help me build one, or 
they will allow me to choose a template that they   Have customized to what I've said earlier, but it 
does sound like having them build a site for me   Will be a little easier, so I'm going to choose 
that and click get started. Next Wix wants us to   Add a little more information about our business, 
such as our email address and address. We can also   Add a logo, and I want to do this because I know 
that it will show up later on our website. Now   That I've filled everything in, I'll click on next 
in the bottom right. Before we get to see what our   Website is actually going to look like, we need 
to help Wix with some building blocks to do so,   And they give us six beautiful options here, wild 
rose, minimal, retro, humble, things like that. I   Actually really love the word humble, it speaks to 
the values of the cookie company, and I like the   Colors because they remind me of warm butter, 
so I'm going to go ahead and choose that one,   And then click next. Next is where the magic 
starts to happen. Wix provides us with three   Designs we can choose from for our cookie website. 
Because we said earlier, we are a cookie website,   They've pulled in a lot of images of cookies. 
They've also gone ahead and used the humble   Color scheme we selected with the light yellowish 
color and the purple. We really like the one on   The left because it just really appeals to me, all 
the cookies laid out like that and talking about   What we bake. So, I'm going to select this one and 
click next. Next Wix asks us if we want to add any   Pages to our website. I think I want to add a 
couple, I'll start with about us, I think that   One is important. I don't have catering services; 
I'll ignore that one for now. You can always come   Back and add pages later if you want to, so you 
don't have to get married to whatever you're   Choosing right now. Our team, I love it, there's 
nothing more narcissistic than a business that   Talks about itself. I'll do that one as well and 
then I will click next down below at the bottom.   Congratulations, your site is up and running 
just like we talked about in the beginning of the   Video. It required no coding. You can go and look 
at it right now if you want, but I still have a   Couple things I want to do to make it my own, like 
add some sections and change text. So, to do that   I'll go to the editor. Next Wix will drop you into 
something they call the editor that has a preview   Of your beautiful website here in the middle. This 
is the area where you can edit text and you can   Change out the images or even move sections around 
if you'd like or change the layout. And boy there   Are a lot of delicious looking cookies, might be 
break time for me. Also, on the left side of the  

Screen you have a lot of icons such as add apps, 
site design, and add elements. You don't have to   Know what all of those are right now, but we 
will go over some of those in just a little   Bit. For now, though I think I'm going to want 
to start by editing the text on the home page.   To edit the text, we see here you just double 
click, and it'll zoom you into 100% and then   You will have to double click again to highlight 
all of the text. And I noticed that the text that   We have right here isn't fitting neatly onto 
the page. We have this errant you just sitting   Down at the bottom. So, I want to change that font 
size. I'm going to scroll that down to about 62,   But I also want to change the text itself because 
this isn't the message that we want to have at   The Kevin Cookie Company. So, I'm going to say 
deliciousness in every bite. Then I'm going to try   Some different fonts as well. You know I actually 
think Avenir Light would be good. Yeah, that looks   Nice. And I'm going to italicize it. And once I've 
chosen what I like I can just click out and then   Zoom out again to see if it looks good. Yeah, that 
looks pretty good so I will keep that. I see below   That the image in the hero carousel is of macaroon 
cookies and while they are delicious, they are not   The ones that built this billion-dollar business, 
so, I will go ahead and change these. So first   I'll have to zoom in because that's how you edit 
things and text and images in Wix. I'll click on   The image which brings up a little menu that says 
change images which is exactly what I want to do.   I'll click on that. I can see here all of the 
images that are contained within our carousel.   We can replace any of these images with our own. 
You can add more images at any time you like if   You'd like to have a huge carousel. I just want to 
reorder these. Let's see there's a chocolate chip   Here. That's the really profitable one. I will 
move that to the front and move the macaroon to   The back. I like the order here. I will just click 
done in the bottom right and take a look at it.   It does look quite appetizing. I'm going to zoom 
out see how that looks on the page. I think this   Represents our cookie company much better. Matches 
the image of our logo above. I think I'll stick   With this. I'm going to zoom in one more time just 
to show you the additional controls you have with   Images. Once you zoom in and then after you click 
on the image it will bring up a new little toolbar   Here. Previously we clicked on change images. This 
time I want to use the gear icon to change some of   The settings. You can see some of the advanced 
settings that you can use in here. Additionally,   We have this design paintbrush logo. You can click 
this, and it will allow you to change out of the   Slider setup you currently have for your photos. 
You can change it to a grid, or you can change it   To a different kind of slider. Anything you'd 
like really. It's also cool that with Wix any   Element can be edited so if you have text or 
video, and you double click on it when you're   Zoomed in you will get a similar style toolbar 
where you can customize anything you'd like to.   From this area you can also drag the photo up 
or down and reposition it if you'd like but I'm   Actually pretty happy with it so I'm just going to 
leave it as is. Now that we've tweaked our site a  

Little bit and made edits to the images and text, 
I want to zoom out to show you what sections are.   Each website is made up of sections. Here we 
have our welcome section, our product section,   And contact us, and opening hours. Whenever you 
hover over a section, you'll notice on the right   Side there's a toolbar that appears. This allows 
you to move sections up or down so if I want   To move the contact us section up here, I can do 
that. I can also use the quick edit button to make   Quick changes where I can change the background 
colors, things like that and I can also change the   Layout of the section if I want. I'll click add 
section and once that opens up, you'll see a whole   Menu of different types of sections you can add. 
So, a contact section which has information to get   In contact with you, a welcome section, things 
like that. I'm going to add a video so I know   I'm going to use the basic form because it's blank 
and I can add the video easiest to a blank area.   To do that I will grab this and drag and drop 
it to the part of my website where I want to   Put it. I think I'll put it near the top so that 
people can really get in the vibe of getting into   Cookies. Now that we've added a basic section to 
our website where we're going to add our video,   I wanted to talk briefly about elements because 
our video itself is going to be an element and   Sections are like containers that hold different 
kinds of elements. You can always add elements   From the top left-hand part of the screen. 
Anything can be an element really like text,   Images, buttons, strips, lots of different things 
are considered elements by Wix. We want to do a   Video so we're going to go over here and select 
YouTube and this bam puts in a nice YouTube video   For us. We just have to change the address which 
we will do next. By the address I mean the URL   Address of our YouTube video where the commercial 
is hosted. Just like earlier with our image   Controls, you'll note that the video also has 
the same customizable controls. You can click in   Them for more advanced options. All I want to do 
right now is change the video even though this one   Looks very nice. I want our cookie video to be put 
in here so I will change the URL, post in ours and   There it is. Now that I've changed out our video 
to the cookie commercial, I'm going to move this   Down by dragging and dropping it, give it a little 
more space and then I want to add a new element up   Here. I'm going to add some text, so I'll go 
over to the top left, go to the element area,   Choose some themed text and I'm going to apply 
heading 2. That looks good. I'll put it right   Here, oh it started down there. I want to move 
it up and I'm going to type in made from the best   Ingredients. I feel like that's a little large 
and kind of overbearing. It doesn't work well so   I'm going to highlight this and go back to the top 
right here under the text settings and change the   Theme to something smaller like heading 5. That 
looks much better. I'm going to stick with this.   Now that we've added everything I want like the 
ingredients and the video, I'm going to zoom out   Just to see how things look. Actually, that looks 
pretty good so far. The only thing I think I might   Want is to add a social section down here because 
we do have quite a following so I think I'll do  

That next and add an element. I'm going to add 
the social element to the footer at the very   Bottom and the footer is a special thing because 
it appears on every single page. I'm going to go   Up to elements again and I'm going to click and 
find social and here what's really cool that they   Do is that Wix allows you to drag an entire social 
bar down to the bottom, so you don't actually have   To add them company by company. It allows you to 
center it with a nice purple line again. I let go   And there it is. And just like with every other 
element within the Wix design editor, the social   Bar has a nice little area where you can customize 
things. If you click on set social links, you can   Put in the address to all of your different social 
media accounts. If you don't have any of these for   Your particular business, you can remove them or 
you can choose to rearrange how they appear in the   Social bar. Once you've done that, you could go 
down to the bottom and click done. Just like you   Can add elements and sections, you can also delete 
them. I have been getting a lot of grief from my   Boss Kevin here at the Kevin Cookie Company about 
the negative feedback we've been receiving from   Customers. So, I'm going to delete the contact us 
section. You can do that by the menu or if you're   Getting really advanced, you can use the hotkeys. 
And now you can see the section is gone. Next,   I'm going to zoom out and scroll to the very top 
of our site. Here we can see different areas that   Are called pages. We have home, about us, and our 
team. I feel like those are a little light. You   Can actually scroll up to the left here and click 
into them to see where they are. Here we have   The about us page. We want to add a page for FAQ 
because we've been getting a lot of questions from   Customers, and we just like to have them resolved 
right here on our website. I'm going to use the   Pages and menu area, the icon here, and I'm going 
to click into that so that we can add a new page.   To add a new page, I'm just going to click this 
blue add page icon, and here you can see that   Wix provides us a lot of easy and ready to go 
page templates that we can use, but I just want   To have a blank page. Next, I'm going to change 
the name of my page to FAQ. I can also rearrange   These any way I want. I can put it up here, 
or actually I want it at the very end here,   Or I can put it under as a sub menu, and if you 
change it, you will also notice it moves around   Up here. So again, if I move this under the home 
area, the FAQ will move over here. I can also,   If I don't like it, I can click into the three 
ellipses or three dots and then scroll all the   Way to the bottom and hit delete. I can also 
duplicate it if I want to have multiple kinds of   The same page. For now, I think this looks pretty 
good. Again, I'm going to move FAQ to the back and   Then I am going to close out. For my FAQ page, I 
don't just want static text that stays the same   For as long as the website is in existence. 
And Wix has devised something that's pretty   Cool. They have these things called apps, which 
act like widgets that you can put on your site,   And they actually have one for FAQs and they also 
have it for a bunch of other things like payments.   You can even have a full-fledged store. This is 
their app store where you can come in and you  

Can choose apps to add to your site. I'm going 
to look for an FAQ app and see what they have.   I see that they have one provided 
by them. I'm going to click on that,   And it says right there, add to site. It's free to 
install. They're not going to charge me anything   To do so, so I'll click it. And now it's added my 
FAQs app or module, if you want to call it that,   And it offers a more dynamic experience than just 
the standard text. And you can actually manage   All of that in this dashboard area they have. 
You can set up which questions are answered and   What order you want them to appear. Now that 
we have our FAQ section added to the website,   There are just two more icons I want to call out 
from the left-hand toolbar here. They are site   Design. This one's important because it allows 
you to change the look and feel of your website.   You can change the background colors and the 
fonts as well as page transitions. Second,   There is the media icon, which allows you to 
upload Google photos or any kind of images from   Your Instagram as well as logos you might want to 
upload yourself. You could also buy images from   Wix. They provide free images, but they also sell 
images through partnerships such as Shutterstock.   I feel like I'm done making changes to the 
website. It's in a pretty good place. I want   To go ahead and take a look at what other people 
will be seeing. I want to preview this, so I'm   Going to scroll up here and click on the preview 
button. Once you've hit preview, Wix does a really   Smart thing and shows you two ways to look at 
it. You can look at it as if you are on a desktop   Computer, which obviously means laptop or desktop 
with a monitor as well as on a mobile device. So,   This is what it looks like on a desktop right 
now, but I'm still on the FAQ page. I'd like to   See what the homepage looks like, so I'm going 
to click home. This actually looks really nice.   The images are loading. We have our social bar. 
The hours are there. I really like the way this   Has turned out. I also want to see what it looks 
like on a mobile device, so I'll go up here and   Click this tiny little phone icon and just like 
that it pops up with what it will look like on   An iPhone or Android device. The other really 
cool thing is they provide you with a unique QR   Code that you could actually hold your phone up 
and take a picture of so you can see it in your   Hand on your phone. I think our site looks really 
professional. I think it's ready to be published   So everyone can see it. I'm going to do the 
really big task here, the one we've all been   Working towards, and I'm going to hit the publish 
button. Hey, look at that. Your site is live. It's   Up and running. You'll notice you have a Wix URL 
here. We're going to go ahead and click view site.   There's a banner up at the top for Wix, but 
everything looks really nice and professional.   If you don't want this banner up at the 
top or the Wix URL, you can upgrade to a   Different type of plan, so let's go to the 
dashboard and take a look at how we can do   That. Here we are back in the Wix dashboard 
area. You can see we're on the free plan,   Which gives us our Wix website address. If you 
want to have your own custom address or you want  

To get rid of that banner that was at the top 
of your site, you can feel free to upgrade to   One of their various business plans at any point, 
but there's no pressure to do so. And there you   Have it. We've built and baked a new website for 
the Kevin Cookie Company. I hope it drives a lot   Smore orders and really butters up our gross 
margin. All right, that was bad, but for more   Videos like this one, please consider liking and 
subscribing, and we will see you in the next one.