How-To Turn 1 ChatGPT Prompt into 100

How-To Turn 1 ChatGPT Prompt into 100

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Today I will show you how to turn your favorite prompt into 100s of ideas.



πŸ€– Now generate use cases from a chatbot prompt formula. You will be turning a prompt formula like “Write me an [type of text]” to “Write me an essay”. Always maintain the structure of the prompt formula and only replace the word in square brackets. Now generate a list of 10 prompts without executing them for: Give me ideas on how to improve my [category] skill

πŸ’¬ Given that [event], what legal action could I take?

πŸ“ Can you come up with [adjective] captions for this [media] of [subject]?

πŸ“š Can you write a [type of profile] for me, highlighting [inter-ests/personality] in a way that is likely to attract [audience]?

πŸ”„10 more

πŸ’‘Expand on #10

0:00 Mother of all prompts
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At this point you've heard hundreds of Chat GPT formulas but some are better Than others but this one that we're Talking about today is better than all Of them and the reason I'm able to say That confidently is because this one Prompt we're talking about today is the Mother of all prompts it's gonna allow You to take any use case and then Generate a variety of other use cases From that one example so essentially This video is going to be showing you How to turn one prompt into as many Examples as you want and one more thing At the end of this video I'll be showing You how to use this to generate ideas It's the best idea generator inside of Chat GPT that I have been able to Discover yet so make sure to not miss Out on that part one last thing before We start and that is if you enjoy this YouTube channel you would probably enjoy Our other social media channels over the Past two months I've been building out a Team around the AI Advantage brand and We're now on both Instagram and Tick Tock with over a million views on tick Tock on a video already so feel free to Follow us there if you use those Platforms you can find all the links Including the prompt that we'll be using Today in the description of this video And with that being said let's start Exploring this

Okay so here's the prompt that I've been Refining over the last two months let's Go through the step by step so you Understand what you're getting yourself Into here now generate use cases from a Chatbot prompt formula you will be Turning a prompt formula like write me a Type of text with type of text in square Brackets indicating that that is the Part to be replaced two write me an Essay okay so that is the core block of This prompt first we let it know that We're going to be generating use cases From a formula and then we provide an Example of that formula and what the Output is supposed to look like by Giving chatgpt both of those we take the Guessing workout but then we follow up With always maintain the structure of The prompt formula and only replace the Word in square brackets and already we Asked for a lot of specific things get Us some use cases from formulas here's What a typical input and output looks Like and we put limits on it by saying Only replace the words in square Brackets and stick to the structure we Present to you and now we round out the Prompt by saying now generate a list of 10 prompts without executing them for Insert your prompt formula so I'll just Go over to my free ebook and take one of My prompt formulas here and look you Could totally come up with formulas like

This yourself from prompts that you use On a daily basis but if you sign up to My newsletter you can download this free Ebook and you can simply copy paste 25 Different formulas for chat GPT prompts Just like this okay if we hit enter now Chat GPT is going to generate a list of 10 use cases for this prompt that Considers legal action And there you go now you can generate as Many examples as you want but what a use Case does this have Beyond going on Social media and selling your prompt Examples just like this Which by the way in that form I never Did with my ebook it's not just prompt Examples as many others sell them I Provide you with different use cases That include the formula Nice now with what you just learned you Could generate thousands of examples From a few formulas but again how do we Put this to action if you're not just Looking to come up with a giant list of Prompt examples well let's head on over To page 24 social media captions and This is where it starts getting Interesting because we have more than One variable so again let's take this Use case generator prompt and add the Social media captions formula behind it And again in the description you can Copy paste the formula plus there's a Link to get my free ebook and if I hit

Enter it starts getting really Interesting because here we're asking For it to come up with adjectives the Type of media and the subject and this Right here is simply put a better way to Brainstorm ideas with chat GPT than any Other prompt I tried whatever brand you Have this can be a source of inspiration For maybe creating content that is based Around the cartoon of a group of animals That idea can be applied to essentially Any brand right or maybe you want to Post some videos of puppies playing so Again we're just using this formula to Generate examples but you might as well Call these ideas use cases and if you Want 10 more ideas all we have to do is Follow up with 10 more just because we Went super meta and we're asking that GPT to generate instructions for chat GPT and doesn't mean we can't come back To earth and actually ask it to do it if You like one of these simply tell it Expand on number 10. And boom it does it not just that you Get 10 captions for a photo of a person Hiking in the mountains you also get a Visual description that by the way you Could plug into an image generator and Get that image generated and you get a Full psychological profile of what that Person would be feeling and how you Connect with your customer more Successfully okay pretty insane if you

Ask me but there's more I'll just take The basic idea generator prompt and hear From page 20 in the ebook we can copy This formula that has multiple variables In it and this one is supposed to help You write a bio on a social media Profile and if we run this as expected It gives us various types of profiles With various characteristics catering to Different audiences but I need you to Realize that you can take these formulas And always take out the variable so Let's say we're starting out a profile On Instagram for the AI Advantage I'll Change the first variable to Instagram Bio and I will change the last variable To AI enthusiasts And now we make the idea generator a Little more focused and voila 10 ideas For social media content that I could Not just create for the bio but for our Entire Instagram profile ability to Apply AI Concepts to real world problems Interest in the latest AI research Experience and expertise in AI Programming every single one of these Could be a different Instagram post or Even the focus of our Instagram theme Page if you're looking into starting Anonymous accounts and all you need to Do after copy pasting the prompt from This video's description is turn the Prompts that you use on a daily basis Into formulas and if you don't have any

Problems that you use daily or you just Want more inspiration you can get the Ebook of 26 formulas from the Description below and this video will Show you a more basic approach to Implementing all these prompts into your Everyday life I hope this helped and I'll see you soon