I Paid AI Art ‘Experts’ to Generate Better Images Than Me

I Paid AI Art ‘Experts’ to Generate Better Images Than Me

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I hired AI experts on fiverr to generate AI art for me.




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I hired AI Experts of Fiverr I guess That's the thing now to generate images For me but wait a minute isn't AI Generation virtually free at least when It comes to the first few images and Furthermore it's very user friendly you Can literally pick that skill up in a Few minutes so why would I need AI Experts is what I asked myself and That's exactly why I had to create this Video we're gonna book three of them Ranging from the cheapest on the site to The most expensive Fiverr verified Pro Fiverr's Choice she's the most expensive One too so let's look into that and Let's just see how good and useful they Really are so let's get started right Away but first we need a game plan and Look I thought about this what we're Gonna do is we're gonna give them exact Guidance plus I'm gonna give him a Reference image that I generated myself That should make it pretty Straightforward for them to deliver Something because they can simply upload My image and generate similar ones if They have any skills with my journey at All I decided to pick this approach Because art is something subjective and Realizing my vision is something that is Hard to judge but if I provide them with Exact guidance and they still mess up Well you can only imagine what would Happen if even less hand-holding so with

That being said let's get my credit card Ready and hop on Fiverr right away so When we head on over to fiverr.com and Look at their new AI services website We're going to find they offer various Things and the service I'm interested in Today is their Air Generation experts Which they apparently have a bunch of Now these so-called experts offer their Expertise in various categories so what We're going to do here is pick two of Them and give them the same assignment I Will be shooting for with my own Creation so what my usual approach is Because I got burnt on Fiverr so many Times already is I go to seller details When I look for the top rated sellers While I've still been greatly Disappointed by some of these top rated Sellers they're probably your best bet And from all of the top rated sellers There's one which is actually fiverr's Choice she's the most expensive one too So let's look into that okay so right Away I can tell you must contact her via Inbox before placing an order alright That is good but basically she orders Free packages first one being the simple Images all right the second one is an Image that she upscaled which honestly Is not a task worth 30 Euros so just put It into a website and it's done in 10 Seconds the last package here is Actually quite interesting don't just

Get the image and five revisions you Also get the prompt you used and she Uses Photoshop to enhance the image and This is what I personally find really Interesting about her offer here because If you look at her profile her main Thing on Fiverr is actually delivering Photoshop services and while Photoshop Was the very first large software I ever Learned 13 years ago if she really knows Her way around my journey plus Photoshop Plus she's fiverr's choice right this Might just get interesting so while 120 Euros is a little pricey I'll go for it For the sake of this video I declare Bankruptcy as of January 29th this is The high-end package in terms of Mid-journey art on all of Fiverr if you Appreciate me doing this leave a like Below but now let's write a message to Her that specializes what we need and You know what we are AI channel that is Requesting services from somebody using AI to deliver content for our AI Education website so might as well use AI to write the message and this is Roughly what I want write me a short Message to a freelancer offering AI art Generation Services about my order I'm Looking for hero images for my website About AI education with the colors gray Beige and green the Aesthetics should be Very clean futuristic with natural Elements in it and this entire

Description is derived from my previous Brainstorming session in my journey Where I came up with this image which I Consider to be the closest Representation of what I imagine for the Website left organic elements the color Palette and the overall look of it and Look I always try to keep it straight With you here on the channel and Honestly I must never just copy paste Stuff straight from chat GPT but in this Case I feel like it's a fantastic Opportunity to get the conversation Started here we'll simply add that I Have an image as inspiration for her too Beautiful message sent and while we wait For our reply let's find another person That delivers a similar service but at The opposite end of the spectrum AKA Cheap so let's go over here my journey Artists and now if I look for this oh my God look at that new sellers 1447 I bet Somebody created tick tocks around the Fact oh this is the newest Griff to make Money with AI so how about we avoid Those people and we go at least to level One here alright and these prices are a Lot more reasonable for something that Is essentially freely available okay so These prices are a lot more realistic Considering that if you get a 10 euro Subscription you can do like 100 of These gigs and you know what I'm looking For a picture that catches my attention

Okay so here I can get the full package Including the prompt for 14 and a half Euros which is like 16 so this is quite Perfect and here we can just order right Away so shut up and take my money I'll Just copy paste my previous message Attach the image air conditioning Service Fiverr come on ADD AI to your Site if you're offering the services all Right start the order and you know what I'm kind of feeling myself so let's do One more of these newcomers and give Them a chance here let's go to new Sellers let's just go to newest arrivals Like why not and all I want is someone Cheaper so let's see anybody cheaper Than 14 bucks oh boy they all cost 14. So let's at least pick an image that is Similar to what I'm looking for here Let's just pick this one because he Picked an amazing image that stands out To me and this guy has probably the best Description on all of Fiverr I'm Pro AI Art generator you simply just imagine And tell me how you want your artwork to Look like you then submit your work as Soon as possible be it your music cover Image image for your website give to Someone Etc what is that bro My dude Emmanuel could seriously use a Light Chachi PT rewrite either way we'll Just give him the job and provide him With the same instructions as before

Start order okay so Valeria our premium Fiverr's Choice seller here already got Back to us so let's see what she said Hello thank you for contacting me sure I Could try to help you with that please Describe the image you would like to Have and based on a description I will Generate the image okay good so she even Gives an example one image of a woman That looks like a robot in great color With grass around her she's a pro seller So I want her help here let's test that A little bit I'll give her this though I'm imagining a clean but technological Look like something a private university For hackers could use oh and Emmanuel Just entered the building hello sir Hello there sir I bet he was surprised When he got that full notification Considering none of his other jobs ever Reviewed yet also just funny side note He offers a wide variety of services Including writing CVS or editing images In Lightroom which by the way this is Not how you spell Lightroom with eight Years of experience you should be able To spell Lightroom but you know what Maybe it was just a typo who knows oh Wow and will you look at that Valeria Says she can work with that only after Showing me some options she would charge 25 per photo that's way better than the 120 that I was expecting here alright Time to let them do some work and let's

Check back later If you're enjoying this type of content Leave a like And subscribe to the Channel because I have a whole lot more Like this coming but now let's move on All three of them have delivered oh my God So it's finally time for us to judge Their deliveries and the first two of These I haven't seen yet I decided not To give them feedback as their brief was Extremely precise and everything should Be clear from that all right Carlos what Do you have right here let's see Hello I Did some examples are we in a good Direction okay so let's see and just Remember we're looking for hero images From my website which focuses on AI Education and we want that clean Futuristic aesthetic so let's see if we Hit that okay interesting this one is Futuristic kind of hits the character But honestly it's more evil looking and Not clean oh this is more like it this Is actually quite interesting okay I Like this direction more this looks like Something taken out of Destiny or Another computer game so no interesting But again no white and not really Similar to what I posted yeah this Doesn't work at all okay so I would set Off this patch this one was the closest Right but let's see apparently he sent Even more Hello More Heroes with natural

Elements okay that's pretty cool I'm Glad he sent this many images this one Is too evil and just straight out Ignores the color theme I sent him uh What just know yeah I didn't really Request a computer game did I wow this Is actually really cool but exactly the Opposite of what I'm looking for I mean Educational website clean beige yeah This is kind of interesting I guess this Is a character yeah this is this is just Not what I was looking for at all and This one is kind of cool but all of These just go in a different direction Than what I had in mind and here's one Last batch and wow I gotta say okay this Is exactly the direction that I was Looking for here so he kind of saved it Here good Lord this is the opposite and That's another no but honestly this one Is kind of fine I mean I guess I wish he Had open eyes but otherwise yeah you hit One of 30 pictures if I told him I want More like this he would have done that So this is decent not gonna lie you know What out of all these images actually Just this one and this one kind of fit My brief so you know what not bad Overall not great or terrible generating All this myself would maybe take me 10 Minutes and for the price I just paid Him I could have a two month Subscription with hundreds of more Images like this so but again

Considering how many of these were Completely in a different direction than What I imagined and what I communicated To him very clearly I'll give Carlos Here a 5 out of 10 and honestly that's Kind of friendly considering he sent me This when I asked for images from my Educational website alright next up our Main man Emmanuel here now I'm really Curious what this guy came up with hello Sir good to get in touch hello sir I'm Doing final retouch on your images how Many do you want for the job please why Does he ask that and what would he do if I told him like 50 all right a few hours Later hi I'm gonna send you about four Photos only you can choose or use all I Made more options for you all stunning But with the price of fifty dollars I Will get you four for now thanks so he Asked the question and answered himself Alright let's see this let's see this I Can't wait okay Emmanuel you know what This is interesting I like what I did With the background there's the leaves In there and yeah this humanoid Character does look very authoritative And like the type of guy you would want To learn from right okay not bad not bad How about that that's a completely Different direction that I really enjoy Actually I like that he has the city in The background here not bad at Manuel I'm kind of surprised here okay what

About this interesting so is this little Baby groot-like creature and then a Robot clearly helping it out I really Like the concept this was not along the Lines of my brief but it goes in the Same direction and he kind of read what I asked for and actually gave me further Ideas in that direction not bad oh wow Look at that yet again creatively Completely different but the same General direction I don't think I would Use this but I love some ideas in here Like the background and the lake here And then we have this one not bad so he Really took different approaches to the Problems that I gave him I kind of like This I'm not gonna lie like you could Totally go in here generate more images And with a simple mask you could replace All the content of the helmet here that Might just be a good idea plus the Upskiller too but then what's up with The four Images he promised this is one Two three four five ah one extra I just Gotta check does this guy have an order Oh yes somebody else ordered the AI art From him Emmy is great in communication And turnarounds are quick but don't Expect great results when you want to Mix AI generated art with real images Okay that's not Annie's fault though Exactly and they change this whole Profile to be a verified AI artist after Getting one gig well maybe two of mine

But I gotta say this was actually worth The money kind of because it took my Briefing and took it in Creative Directions and actually maintained the Color palette and all the ideas I gave Him you know what with 17 Euros which is Like 19 and zero replies to his Questions right he generated a solid Result here I'll give this a 8 out of 10 And save some of these images for future Inspiration with that being said I don't Think I'll be using any of them directly But especially this one is fantastic Inspiration alright in our last seller Right the top rated seller fiverr's Choice Valeria right here costs a Premium but she has Photoshop skills to Go along with her AI image generation Skills let's see what she delivered so If you remember correctly I was ready to Pay over a hundred dollars for her image Generation but in our communication she Said 25 dollars per photo which I was Possibly surprised by after confirming She came back with two images the next Day and here they are and I gotta say This is right on brief color palette Perfect the character I sent her exactly Matched with different variations here She has the human in it here it's more Abstract but I really like the elements And especially the background that she Brought into it right and honestly this Is exactly what I was asking for when I

Gave her the brief alternative Characters that uphold all the criteria So I came back and said I really love The first one and here's the final Result from fiverr's most expensive AI Expert Tada if you photoshop this thing Into a hero image where you can simply Remove the text she even picked the Appropriate font and honestly 25 for This is actually well worth the money if I communicated with her even more and Maybe paid for multiple images this was Actually a really solid service didn't Just generate the image but also gave me Exactly the deliverable that I can Almost directly upload to my website I Mean I'm sure if I gave her the text she Would replace it and then I could use it In my website right away or you know Replacing this in Photoshop would take About 20 seconds but we have yet to Answer the main question and that is are The images these AI experts generated Better than what I came up with myself With Carlos here I would just straight Up say no this wouldn't even fit into The web sides I guess the two good ones Would fit in here but honestly I would Prefer the character I sent to them Every time always a different story Because I wouldn't particularly use any Of these images but I really like the Direction he took it into like I could Totally see a grown-up robot nurturing a

Little tree there as a part of the Website that's a fantastic idea but I Don't think he fully did the job where I Could take the image and be like okay We're using this as the hero image for Our website but with the final delivery It's a different story I could totally Take this banner and build it into the Website right away and I would even say That the color palette and the fonts she Picked are superior to the thing that I Sent to her if this or this character is Better is purely subjective but overall I would say yes she did complete her Task and this third delivery was totally Worth it but hey at the end of the day This is Art and you gotta judge yourself So let me know in the comments below What do you think which one of these was Worth it and do you want me to run more Experiments like this meanwhile you can Check out this playlist of mine which Will turn you into AI expert just like Them in no time