Marketing Advice For Young People: Neil Patel & David Meltzer

Marketing Advice For Young People: Neil Patel & David Meltzer

Hey, this is Neil!
I want to help you with your marketing.

After founding CrazyEgg, Kissmetrics, and other multimillion-dollar companies, today I work to grow Ubersuggest and my agency NP Digital. As a marketer, I’ve also helped companies like Amazon, NBC, GM, HP, and Viacom grow their revenue.

The Wall Street Journal calls me a top influencer on the web. Forbes says I’m one of the top 10 online marketers, and Entrepreneur Magazine says I created one of the 100 most brilliant companies in the world.

I was recognized as a top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 30 by President Obama and one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 35 by the United Nations. I had also been awarded Congressional Recognition from the United States House of Representatives.

With more than 10 million visitors a month and an audience from 180 countries, I know what it takes to help your online presence grow quickly and effectively.

My team and I do this in three ways:

1) We help our enterprise and small business clients at NP Digital with paid campaigns, SEO, social media, and content marketing.

2) We let anyone use my SEO tool, Ubersuggest, which has almost 300k daily users and is free for anyone to use (with a paid subscription option for more features). It also has a Chrome extension that makes keyword research easy.

3) I produce free content that gets published regularly, from blog posts to free webinars, conferences, podcast episodes, videos, and online digital marketing training courses.

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One channel locate the results at Facebook or Yelp or Dropbox Scott but What they will do is look at you Something so if you take an omnichannel Approach and leverage all of them and Repurpose your content you can do quite Well you just got to be patient Welcome back to office hours I'm David Meltzer and I am so excited because Every once in a while it's good to feel Old and this next guest makes me feel Very old because I've known them of him Since he was 16 he's been a mentee from A close and afar over the years he's Been honored by the president Entrepreneur Forbes he's the top of all Top entrepreneurs Neil Patel welcome to Office hours uh thanks for having me Well you know I always say I bet on the Jockey and you and another mentee of Mine now are all grown up and there's Probably no better feeling in the world To have known that not only have you Planted seeds and usually we plant seeds Under trees we never get to sit under But it's so nice to be able to sit under The shade in the shadow of such great People like Neil Patel I knew you were Going to be successful the first time I Met you I know the first thing we did Was with the Pro Football Hall of Fame Here in Las Vegas I'm not sure you could Even and drink at the time you weren't Old enough

And yet as a New York Times best-selling Author speaker consultant to the biggest And brightest you are Paving the way for So many people what do you think it was About your personality at such a young Age that attracted not just me but all Of the genre of entrepreneurs that I Surrounded myself with what I consider To be the spirit of excellent from Hall Of Famers billionaires and entrepreneurs Who the minute they met Neil Patel would Tell me oh my God that kid's going to be So successful what do you think it was At a young age inside of you that Attracted people like me and my friends So I think it was two main things the First is being helpful a lot of people Want to network with others get to know Them but all they're looking for is what Can they do for me instead of how can I Help these other people and not worrying About if they're going to do anything For you in exchange just help give away A lot of good will and don't think about What you're going to get in exchange and You'll in the long run it all pays off It's karma the second thing is just Being transparent and open so a lot of People when they're starting off they're Like oh I'm really good at this and I'm So successful I made all this money and Look at these cars I have in these homes If you're so successful successful People aren't going to help you because

You don't need help if you're Transparent you tell them your struggles Your successes we're having issues and You're telling them all about the ups And the Downs because that's common it's Normal entrepreneurship is like a roller Coaster people are more likely to a Relate to you and B help you You sure look up to you but in today's Space there's a lot of information out There especially for young adults do I Go to college do I build my own company Do I work for a corporation do I become An influencer when you were 16 what's The best advice that you can give anyone Today because it's changed drastically In the last change a lot yeah so that They can find their path or just feel Good about where they're going The best thing you do is you're 16 you Can go learn a lot from YouTube or Websites or blogs you can go to college If you want college isn't going to teach You as much as you may think if you want To be a doctor I get it you have to but Go out there and learn but the bigger Thing is it's not just about learning Whether it's events and online it's Actually about doing so take some Tidbits of information that you're Learning and Gathering and then just go And execute and you'll quickly figure Out if it works or it doesn't work when You're 16 or even 17 or 18 over 24 what

You'll find is things don't go the way You want you don't make as many as quick As you want you don't get the traction As quick as you want but you're young You have all the time in the world you Probably aren't married you probably Don't have all these responsibilities so What you should do is just go and Execute on what you're learning on You'll make mistakes learn from your Mistakes and avoid making the same one Over and over again and eventually it'll Lead you down a path on what you should Be doing and that'll get you to where You want thanks for coming on Neil you Know I really appreciate your story Because I've hired and fired so many Marketing companies and really have had To learn Marketing in my own business And I really look at my business as like A marketing company I think almost all Businesses are really marketing Companies I've got to learn SEO and had spent so Much time figuring stuff out and sort of Putting content out on the internet Um you know years and years ago and we Drive a lot of you know traffic to our Website now because of it My question is is you know it's changing Constantly Google's making updates you Know people say SEO is dead I don't I Don't believe it is what would you tell You know entrepreneurs or people in

Their business like where do they need To be thinking about right now where are Things going because all this stuff is Changing social media has changed that Um you know just dropping content on Those keyword friendly it doesn't work Anymore so what do you have to be Thinking about not only for today to get Movement in your business from a Marketing perspective especially SEO so Here's a quick stat Google makes on Average over nine algorithm updates per Day wow not per week not per year per Day So when you think about that stat Facebook's making a lot of algorithm Changes Instagram is Tick Tock is LinkedIn all these platforms are None of these channels are really dead What you'll find is they're harder than They were before because once other People find that a channel works really Well you start getting a lot more Competition people investing in it so it Takes longer to get results and you have To end up spending more time and money On it where the Market's going whether It's for SEO or any platforms is this First off it's omnichannel you can't Build a business off of one marketing Channel anymore if you think about Yelp Yelp grew largely through SEO if you Think about Facebook they grew largely Through the email invite flow your

Friend invited you to join Facebook if You look at Dropbox they grew through The social platforms like Twitter tweet And get more space so these days one Channel won't get the results at Facebook or Yelp or Dropbox got but what They will do is look at you something so If you take an omnichannel approach and Leverage all of them and repurpose your Content you can do quite well you just Got to be patient and give it time in The next 24 months and I see this more And more with the people that I mentored Today Is that they see marketing as an expense Uh and good question and it's going to Provide a huge opportunity for those People like you and like you reverse Mentored me and taught me to make an Investment in my community and Everything also take care of itself There's going to be a separation and Those who take this investment approach Are going to benefit exponentially Comparatively to I see every day more And more people dropping out of the game Because they see it as an expense the Expense keeps going up and they're not Patient enough to see the benefits of a Community most of the people here have Built really nice communities but they Haven't experienced the next Double and The bigger you are the next Double is Even bigger

How can we explain this variance between Expense and investment and how important Is the investment in the community today Comparatively to 12 months ago Super important to invest in community It's more important than ever if you Look at individuals ex the Kardashians Or LeBron James and the list goes on on Oprah Tony Robbins Brands can create Massive companies in these days billion Plus dollar companies that didn't exist Before and it's not because it's a Personal brand or corporate brand it's Because they have a community so the More you invest now the better off you Are because as I mentioned earlier with The algorithm updates it's getting Harder and it takes longer so time is Money the quicker you do it or the Earlier you get started the cheaper it's Going to be the second thing you need to Think about is there's two aspects of Marketing one channel has a direct Roi One group doesn't really have a direct Roi so for example if you're doing Google paid ads you spend a dollar you Should make two dollars maybe not right Then and there but over the lifetime Value of your customer it should be Roi Positive the other aspect that's Intangible and this is the investing Side that a lot of companies are Resistant on is branding and you got to Invest to build a brand the last time I

Looked it up which was a few months ago Over a million people a month on Google In the United States search for the term Shoes over 7 million people a month are Searching for the term Nike each and Every single month Nike mainly sells Shoes yes they have a lot of other Products it shows you the power of Branding when you think about cars like Electric you may think Tesla it's not Because you did a Google search it's Because of their brand same with credit Cards American Express Visa Mastercard The list goes on for most Industries so You got to invest in a brand whether It's creating good content Community TV Commercials radio it doesn't matter if You're not getting your brand out there You're not going to win in the long run It's amazing because when you asked Around the world what you think of when You think of Genius over 99 of the People answered Einstein my bet is in 100 years they'll answer Patel thank you So much joining us here Neil Patel my Heart rings with joy and pride to have You here with me and my team