Perfect Upsell from $59 to $25,000 Grant Cardone

Perfect Upsell from $59 to $25,000   Grant Cardone

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You need 4 things to sell anything to anybody. This is what I demonstrated live on stage at 10X Growth Conference 3. You need an entry product before you can upsell. Remember, just because you make a sale doesn’t mean the client doesn’t have more money to spend!

[Music] Abell decision-maker interested and Willie you need those four things to Sell anyone anything only four things You need from him he said he’s able he Said he could make a decision He said he’s interested and he came up On stage you with me but I still got to Make contact all right so Jonathan right So great to have you here man appreciate You where’d you come from Tampa big hand For Tampa 10×4 dama which of my products Would you be interested in I heard you’re doing a course right After this My on Monday and Tuesday I believe it is Okay that’s good he’s already he’s Already told me what he’s interested in There’s something else I’d like to sell Him would you like to see me sell him Something that he’s not interested in It’s impossible to do if he’s not Interested you can’t sell him let’s find Out that how would you like to have me Mentoring you all of 2019 hang on on Every sales call what do you do for I’m I’m a I’m a realtor I do commercial real Estate Oh commercial real estate how Would you like me to mentor you on how To get more listings how to sell more Deals and I’ll be with you on every Transaction every day every morning Every night every day at lunch every day At midnight anytime you want two o’clock

In the morning I need grant it sounds Too good to be true it is and it’s Almost too but it it is almost too good To be true except for technology okay I’m gonna deliver me on your phone I’m Gonna deliver the program same I’m gonna Give you the same program that that Gentleman JJ raise your hand over there Where’s Jared what’s he paid what’s he Paying he’s paid over a million dollars For the same program I’m gonna give it To you for 59 bucks a month it sounds Too good to be true Honestly okay would you do it yes great Contract always have a contract And always have a pen Son right here sir I’m gonna give him my Entire program that we sell to companies For hundreds of thousands of dollars and I’m going to do it for 59 bucks how many Believe that’s a good deal for him say 10x if you think it’s a good deal Okay but dude congratulations thank you I appreciate it you appreciate it that’s Awesome it don’t go anyplace I ain’t Down with you because you guys are like That’s not selling that’s giving it away How many agree with that I found the Place where he wouldn’t resist me your Company your ideas have to have an entry Where they can get on board you have to Have a place where people can get on Board with you All great companies the massive

Companies know I have to have an entry Point for him just because he closed on $59 does not mean he does not have more Money everybody agree should I selling Something else Okay look check it out on Monday you’re In Tampa right on Monday I’m doing You’re in real estate Yes on Monday I’m doing a real estate Course master class two days only a Hundred people how many of you going to My master class on Monday or Tuesday Okay so some of these people are already Going I only have seats for a hundred People it’s 15 grand I’ll do it for ten Could you change your schedule of a cup Yes hold on a second What is that Anybody else needs to be involved in the Decision-making and the decision no no You’re the decision-maker how do you Want to have a visa mastercard or American Express I’m gonna have to end Up it’s a wagon wire transfer you the Money yes you can wire transfer you guys Think I should take a wire from this day Does he look wire legit okay ten Thousand wire okay sign right [Music] He is Louisiana How many like that’s just too easy you Just gonna make enough contacts you guys Never get to the easy people 59 10 grand Have I ever met you before I’ve never

Met this man don’t know his last name Okay I’m gonna ask you another question Have you ever thought about investing in Real estate with me yes say keep keep Yes just embrace it man okay okay he Says yes good tell you what I’m gonna do For you if in the next 10 days after the Real estate class you decided invest Money with me a card on capital minimum 25 grand I’ll give you the ten thousand All right deal that’s the third sale Alright or detour you just want to do The 25 now I mean whatever you want I Just have to not call whatever I want Okay so look I want you to put 25,000 in My fun okay and I’ll let you come to the Class for free perfect good let me Change this take as much time as you Need to do your research you know all Investments come with the risk right yes You could lose all your money we might Make some money we’re going to be Partners together okay congratulate Thank you so much Jim Jonathan a big Hand [Music]