Social Media Strategies to Connect with Your B2C Audience

Social Media Strategies to Connect with Your B2C Audience

In today’s world, social media has become a powerful tool for businesses to connect with their customers and drive sales. Today, we’ll be discussing some of the top strategies and tips for using social media in a B2C context.


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First and foremost, it’s important for B2C companies to identify their target audience. This includes factors such as demographics, psychographics, and interests. By knowing your target audience, you can tailor your content and messaging to their specific needs and preferences. This can help you connect with them more effectively and build a stronger relationship.

Once you’ve identified your target audience, it’s important to determine which social media platforms they use most frequently. This could include platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or even TikTok. By focusing your efforts on the platforms where your target audience is most active, you can maximize the effectiveness of your social media strategy.

When it comes to content, B2C companies should develop a content strategy that aligns with their brand and speaks to their audience’s interests. This could include product photos, videos, blog posts, user-generated content, and more. By sharing content that resonates with your target audience, you can increase engagement, build brand awareness, and drive sales.

Engagement is another key factor in social media success for B2C companies. It’s important to respond to comments, answer questions, and engage with your followers on a regular basis. By showing your followers that you value their input and care about their opinions, you can build stronger relationships and create a more loyal customer base.

Finally, B2C companies should also consider using paid advertising on social media platforms. Paid social media advertising can help you reach a wider audience, promote specific products or services, and drive conversions. By targeting your ads to specific audiences based on demographics, interests, and behaviors, you can ensure that your message is reaching the right people at the right time.

In conclusion, social media can be a powerful tool for B2C companies looking to connect with their customers and drive sales. By identifying your target audience, focusing on the right social media platforms, creating a strong content strategy, engaging with your followers, and using paid advertising where appropriate, you can effectively use social media to grow your business and achieve your marketing goals.

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– Have you noticed with ads,
people try to get you to go To their landing page
and this trick is money. So what we do is we take
the copy that you would have In the landing page in the message, And you break it down
into four or five stories. So then people are getting
the marketing message Within the story. So they're going to
have to go to your page. And then when they're ready
to complete the transaction. (lively music) – Is there some sort of formula, Like that you would think that, okay, So if you have a million followers, How many views should a post get? Let's say you have a million
followers and you post a video, What would be a good, a short 30-second, A 40-second video? How many people should view it For it to be, should like that Before for it to be considered a success? What would be considered good engagement? – So if you're just talking about a video And you're getting like
the views on the video, Anywhere around 5% is good. Sometimes you'll be at 3%, 4%,
sometimes you'll be at 10%. – So look, let me give you an example. I'm sorry. I posted a video. I have 1.3 million followers, right? And I posted a video
and got 500,000 views. – That's amazing. That's great. – That will be considered
an amazing post, right? – Yes. – And it was a video
of my girlfriend and I And I don't post much of that.

I don't post that much of that stuff. But it was one cute little video Of like 15 seconds long
of us just laughing Over some stupid thing
with butterflies on my… I was having a temper tantrum
because they didn't take my… The people didn't take my
garbage out and I'm flipping out Because the garbage man
didn't take my garbage out And having a (beep) meltdown And she starts filming
me having a meltdown And we start laughing because
I realize how stupid it was. 20 seconds long, it got 500,000 views. So that would be considered
a massively successful post With 1.3 million followers, right? – Correct. Yes. – What about then I post another thing, A quick business clip, 150,000 views. That's my average, about 150. So that's considered good
about 14, 15% of my base. – That's very good. And you have a very loyal audience. Most people aren't going to have that. If they get 5%, they should be happy. – So my question is what's the number? Is it 5% and above is
considered really good? – Yes. Anything about 5% is really good. – And how about on a
picture, like a regular post? Like without a video? Just a post. – So post, if you can
get 3% to like your post, You're doing pretty decent. – Okay. And do you… I'm sorry. Keep going. – And you'll find that some posts, I experienced the same thing that you do, If I post something personal

Because I don't really
post personal stuff, It goes through the roof And I can get like 10, 20% of the people just liking the image. Moment I post something
business related, 4, 5%. – I know you're like what the hell? This is more valuable.
(host chuckling) – I'm like, who cares if
my baby's touching the sand For the first time. Granted me as a parent, Of course, I love it, but I don't understand why you,
the viewer, wants to see this. – Do you look at that though as a lesson In terms of, okay, So how do I combine those two together To get my business message out there Using my personal life? I wonder because I feel the same thing. I'm like, I don't believe this. I put this amazing, I put a training on, I have something called Sales School, Which I absolutely ripped off from you And I publicly said that When I launched something
called Sales School. I said I'm ripping off Neil
Patel who did Marketing School Because I thought it
was a great idea, right? So I publicly gave you credit for that And I'm doing really great with it I don't know if it was just
me and my girlfriend dancing I get 10 times like, what the fuck? I'm like, come on. – And not just That you spend so much more
money into sales school More time into it to try to
make it amazing for people.

And it is, but then yet
when you do the dancing Or you with garbage cans, It's just going to do better. And that's the reality. And what I learned from
that whole concept is People genuinely want to follow people On the social web to get
to know them personally. To them that's more valuable
than the business aspect. And that's why you see
all these influencers And the influencers aren't companies Like Coca-Cola or Nike,
they're the Kardashians. They're you, they're the Dan Bilzerians They're the Cristiano Ronaldos or whoever Or Tom Cruise or whoever's
the latest flavor Of the month. I follow Will Smith alot
people love him, right? They love him more than
the corporate brands. – Yeah. So you know what's interesting To that end is When you look at the
people that are getting This massive, like for example, this thing The latest one is kills me by the way. And I'm, I love it Is the guy skateboarding down on TikTok With the oceans – (indistinct) And a guy becomes a sensation. And I just wonder I'm assuming that there's
people sitting around In Madison Avenue, you
in a boardroom right now. How do we duplicate that? Like all day long? They're just thinking, how do we do that? How do we do that?

How do we, it's got to be right? – There's there is, they
are in boardrooms and They literally are asking
themselves how do they do that? – It's like you ever watched, I'm sure you've watched the
TV series Mad Men, right? – Yes. I've seen almost all of it. – Had to have, right? It's such a great TV series And anyone who has not watched Mad Men, I really think you should. It's a great education
for business by the way. Because it shows you
the evolution of where We are today based on what
advertising was like back In the fifties and even the forties. And one of the funny scenes was They were trying to get this I think it was toilet paper or something, Or no, turkeys. Turkeys. And they tried to stage
a fight between two women In like a mock fight
between two women fighting Over the last turkey in a supermarket To try to get it picked up by
the newspaper and the news. The whole thing goes right. But you see, it's always been this sort of Strategy of how do we get controversy, Into the news to sell
more products, right? And I wonder like in terms of, You're a very staid guy. You're more of the corporate type, right? You're very, I mean this In a positive way, it's just a very short – You're right, I'm very, very corporate. – You are, no, you're more staid, right? A lot more than me, right?

And but I wonder is there that That edge to this whole thing
where it's, what can we do? How do we push the envelope to Be extreme enough to connect With people without pissing them off? Because there's also the other sides To cancel culture aspect of things. But how do you push the envelope to stand Out but in a way that
actually is good for my brand? How do you do that? – It's tough. It's a lot of experimentation and In tons of hits and misses. But what's easier to do
is don't try to stand Out with your brand. Go find the people who stand Out like the guy drinking
ocean sprays cranberry And just be like, you
know what, let him go. We're going to put more money behind it And we're going to even
give him a free car. Which is what they did. They gave him a truck 'cuz
he went down that skateboard Because his car broke down
and like, yeah, sounds good. We'll just give him a free truck. 'Cuz how many more sales did they get From people trying to
replicate that video? Right? It was cheaper
to just give a free car Than it was to pay for all
that publicity that they got. And then the next thing that you can do As a business is look for
multiple variations of that. Sometimes you'll be able to
find that, sometimes you won't. And the ones you do, just piggyback Off on and help support them. And when you can't find that,

Go look for influencers in your space. Kind of like the shoutouts, for shoutouts But try to associate with them. Try to just be around them And the more you can be
associated with them, The bigger you'll end up going Without having to do the edgy stuff. And I'm not saying that
there's anything wrong With the edgy stuff. The problem with the edgy stuff Or anything is it's hit or miss. So you spend all this time
and energy, you're like, crap Why am I not getting views? Why is it that when we post About the garbage man
not picking up my trash, It goes viral, but every
other time when I try, I'm not getting five, 10 times the views. So the easiest thing to do is associate With the people that
already have it and figure Out how to compensate them
or work out partnerships. – All right, I want to go
in the next 10 minutes, I want to hear the Neil Patel, I
want to get very specific here. The Neil Patel, I want for every, I want you to lay Out a strategy for everybody here On this that's going to be
listening a lot of people, right? We have big following here. A lot of entrepreneurs, a lot
of them are online, right? I want to know, what's the step-by-step From between now And December 31st? What's the launch? What the strategy now to maximize your Christmas sales to anything?

What is it? Let's here it. Just gimme a It's for me selfishly, Neil, I'm getting free consulting
from you here. Okay? I want to know the next 75 days. Okay? What would you, if you
were me and everybody What would you do to blow out, Do 5 million in sales at Christmas? What's the plan? – So I'm not going to give
the basic simple stuff Like run promotions and stuff. Because everybody, – No, no, no. What's the plan? Let's hear it, come on, let's go. – The first thing I would do is I would go find someone who is In similar industries
and do cross promotions Kind of like the syndicate
that still works not As much on social media But it works really well with blog posts, Emails, going live, Those types of things works really well. The next thing that I would've tried to do And this crushes it, But no one's really doing it. Okay? So you know On your phone when you have
like that Instagram, Snapchat You do stories and people
keep swiping on the stories And they're going from next
story to the next story, right? That's a behavior pattern. Have you noticed with ads, People try to get you to go

To their landing page
and this trick is money. So what we do is we take
the copy that you would have In the landing page and the message And you break it down
into four or five stories. So then people are getting
the marketing message Within the story. So they don't even have
to go to your page. And then when they're ready
to complete the transaction, Boom, then you can have them
swipe up and then go from there. – That I like. That's really good. – The next thing I would do
is I would start going live On the social networks
and start selling live. So a lot of you guys have seen Tai Lopez. Tai Lopez has done really well recently With his acquisitions
of Pier One, Dress Barn. A few of those companies that He's been buying from bankruptcy. One of the things that
Tai has done really well Is he'll go live And he'll sell when you're going live. 'Cuz remember the social
networks right now They're live to compete with live tv. That's why they call it live. And they're pushing really hard. So they just make it go viral And just tell random
people who aren't even Your followers all about it. The next thing I want you to do Is you're probably Already creating video content For sales or anything Like that, but there's
this hack that right now That'll allow you to crush
it on YouTube anytime

You create video content that
not too people are doing. See, YouTube marketing is the
opposite of traditional SEO. Traditional SEO is you create
content, you build the links, You get the shares, optimize your code. Six months, year later you
start doing decently well. YouTube is whatever does the best Within the first 24 hours,
if not even the first hour When a video goes live,
they just push it viral. And even if you don't go viral, They push you really high In the rankings on YouTubes for a lot Of the keyword that are
associated with your video. So what I would do is If I'm creating a video that's related To my product, my services,
even if it's boring, I would send out an email blast, A push notification blast Within the first 24 hours
of the video going live. Because you get all these
people going to YouTube And viewing it, It sends signals to YouTube saying hey We should rank this
really high on YouTube. So then you start ranking
for all the sales terms Or product related terms
or marketing related terms Or whatever they are to your business. And that drives tons of sales. The next thing I would do if I were you Is there's all these
blogs out there, okay? It's hard to build an audience But what you can do is you can guess post. So what we like doing is we'll go Out to all the bloggers 'cuz remember blogs want content. Cuz the more content they create,

The more traffic they generate And it costs money that
you have to pay people. So if you go to them
and you're saying, Hey I'm going to create free
blog content for you And it's going to be high quality,
they'll be like, yeah, sure. So then what I do is I like going To all these blogs, The big ones, Forbes, Entrepreneur, New York Times, whatever it may be. Ask them to contribute an
article and create lists. Top 10 ways to improve your sales skills. Top 10 Toasters. Literally you can have
articles that are list based And within there,
include your own products Maybe not number one, but
number two or number three. And when you start doing that,
you'll start getting a lot Of people going back to
your website and buying. Another thing that you can do And this is a really easy strategy, We all have lists and what you'll find is Over time your open rates go really down Especially during the holiday seasons. Here's a simple silly hack. Scrub your list. If you actually make your list smaller And take all the people who don't open Up your emails and stop sending to them, Gmail, Outlook, They'll put your emails In the inbox instead
of the promotions tab. Because what ends up happening is, Is if you send emails And a larger and larger
portion, don't open the emails. They assume that most people
don't care for your content.

And even the people
that would've liked it, They'll start sending their
emails in the promotions tab. So when you scrub your
list, it actually says, oh These people are all active. So whoever you send your
emails to in the future, It'll ensure that your emails
stay in the promotion tab. And another email hack that we love doing And we do this before Q4 and early Q4, We'll send out a few emails Just asking a simple question or two, Yes or no questions 'cuz then you get a ton
of responses and replies. It starts adding people To the address book
and it tells them, Hey, We love content from this
person 'cuz they're engaging. Then all your emails
start going into the inbox And you'll start getting
way better deliverability And way better clicks. – Boom, everyone, that was some gold there From Neil Patel. Buddy, thank you so much for coming on. I always look at you as being really A true maven in the world of marketing And I've nothing but
great respect for you. Everyone, check out Neil Patel, What's the best way to follow you and And get more stuff from you? – – You have a podcast as well? – I do. Marketing school. – Mark. Where have I heard that before? Marketing School dot Oh, it's right.

Yeah. Do you steal that from me? From Sales School? – I think I did. – Now, again, I want
to thank you for that. Because I saw what you were
doing in marketing school And I literally ripped you off And I think I told you
one of your partners, I think he is the one that
said you should rip this off. Someone gave me the
idea, one of my people. So, thank you for that. It's been going, I just launched it. It's been amazing. I mean it's getting
huge responses already. So everyone check out
Marketing School podcast Check out sales school. And by the way, if you have
both, you're ready to roll. You need Entrepreneurs School,
and you're set. (laughs) Buddy, thanks for everything. Take care. – Thanks for having me.
– Bye bye.