These 10 Books Turned me into a Serial CEO

These 10 Books Turned me into a Serial CEO

Have you recently looking for business books that will change your lives? In this video, you’ll find the top 10 books covering the topics of business, marketing, entrepreneurship, and investing.

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In this video I'm going to share 10 Books with you that have undoubtedly Changed my life these books cover the Topics of business marketing Entrepreneurship and investing my name Is Matt Diggity I'm the founder of five Seven figure digital businesses and I Can say without a doubt I would not have Made as much progress on my journey if I Had missed out on any one of these books In this video I'll Summarize each of Them one by one in the order that you Should read them and make sure to stick Around till the end as I'm going to give You two extra nuggets to sweeten the Deal first a set of not quite business Books but in my opinion are Essentials They cover both personal development as Well as investing second I'm going to be Sharing a simple trick that I use to Read books at 2x speed while still Retaining 100 and no it doesn't involve Taking a speed reading course everyone Has the ability to do this with zero Training now if you like where I'm going With things let me know by Smashing the Like button this lets me know you like To see content like this and you want to See more of it thanks my first book Recommendation is end of Jaws by Taylor Pearson end of jobs is the number one Book that I've gifted to my friends and Family that have come to me looking for Advice on how to get out of the nine to

Five Rat Race oh man I wish I had read This book 15 years ago in end of jobs Taylor looks at data and statistics to Show why job security is a complete myth College degrees are losing their value Just because of the sheer volume of how Many people have them lawyers are Graduating and not even becoming lawyers That's because there's not enough work And as AI becomes more common in place No job is secure and that even goes for Doctors that said Taylor argues that There's one skill that will always be Needed the creativity to harness new Technologies and combine them into new Products and services that people need In other words entrepreneurship if you Haven't quite decided to jump ship and Become an entrepreneur this book will Help you make that decision and show you How to get started if you've already Taken the leap and have started a Business it reminds you that you're Doing the right thing and will help Strengthen your resolve in the Inevitable bumpy times my next Recommended book is the magic of Thinking big by David Joseph Schwartz I Read this book three times and for good Reason this book is all about crafting The proper mindset for Success magic of Thinking big was written in 1959 and That's not a bad thing if a book stands To test the time that means it was

Written based on fundamental principles That will apply agelessly in this book David suggests that once you start start Believing in yourself and your Capabilities to a certain degree your Brain will spark the creativity required To achieve your goals this is the Foundation of what's known today as Positive psychology and then throughout This book David will give you a Framework of healthy habits that will Help cultivate this mindset read this Book before you start off on your Entrepreneurial Journey or read it if You're already established and want to Make sure you're really aiming big Enough the next business book I'd Recommend is the e-myth by Michael Gerber this book probably makes more Entrepreneurship top 10 lists than any Other if I could go back in time and Give my little entrepreneurial self one Book at the beginning it would have been This one one of my favorite quotes in This book is if your business depends on You you don't own a business you have a Job it's the worst job in the world Because you're working for a lunatic This book is all about making systems You want to think of your business as a Franchise even if you have no intentions Of franchising if you imagine that You'll need to duplicate your business Over and over again 100 times then that

Will force you to take great Documentation of how to run your company So anyone could step in and do it not Just you eighty percent of small Businesses fail and a big reason for That is they don't focus on systems and Rely too much on the business owners Themselves read the email so you don't Fall into the Trap of working yourself To death in your own business I've been There before you do not want to be in That position real quick here's a shout Out to the sponsor of today's video Ahrefs human OHS is an all-in-one SEO Tool used by many Professionals in the Industry but it's also a great resource For those who are just starting to work On their website and learn about SEO if You're looking to improve your SEO Knowledge or to start learning about SEO Visit ahrefs Academy the features Courses on blogging link building a Beginner's SEO course and more also if You want to improve your website's Ranking but don't know where to start Sign up for ahos webmaster tools it's a Free tool that will show you what errors Prevent your website from ranking higher Go to forward slash awt and Start improving your website today now Back to the video the next book is a 22 Immutable laws of marketing by Al Reese And Jack trout this is the first in a Quick set of my favorite marketing books

It doesn't matter how good your product Is if you can't Market it no one knows It exists the 22 laws is a super short Read but it's jam-packed with solid gold Nuggets for marketing there's zero fluff In it it's just go go on the Nugget Delivery here's one that I got from the Book and I've probably told this story a Million times in marketing you want your Message to seem exclusive like I'm just Talking to you and no one else trust me No one else is watching this video it's Just you and me but at the same time you Don't want your message to exclude Anybody back in the day there was a Marketing battle between Pepsi and Coke Pepsi started a campaign called the Choice of a new generation it appealed To the young vibrant music loving Community that prefers Pepsi over Coke While it seemed to Target young people It actually targeted everyone because Who didn't want to feel young energetic And Lively then co-countered with a Campaign called the real thing see Coke Came to the market first and if you Prefer a classic authentic things then You should drink Coke why did it work Because everyone wants authenticity if You can start to design your marketing Messages that's exclusive but Encompassing at the same time you're on To some Next Level marketing and this is Just one of the 22 laws in the book the

Next book recommendation is web copy That sells by Maria veloso I've never Highlighted a book as much as this one When it comes to writing copy and Creating a message I can't imagine a Book with more actionable advice than This being able to communicate Effectively through the written word is What I like to call a metascale if you Get that down it will improve so many Aspects of your business and your life Web copy that sells has improved the way I write when it comes to my business Marketing copy my email marketing copy The text we use on our affiliate Websites the pitches we use in our Outreach campaigns speeches I've given At conferences and even scripts and YouTube videos like the one you're Watching now this book is so actionable That I took five pages of notes read it If you have a business that's up and Running and you want to level up your Copy and communication skills skip this Book if you're bad crazy the next book On my list is principles by Ray dalio And we're moving away from marketing and More into the realm of business itself Billionaire investor Ray dalio is the Founder of Bridgewater Associates the Largest and most successful hedge fund In the world principles is a compilation Of his algorithm Like rules that can be Applied to life and business I ran a

Survey in one of my Facebook groups Asking people what their favorite Business books were and this one was Recommended multiple times one of Ray's Principles is the concept of radical Truth radical truth in business means That your company Embraces is its Mistake so I can learn from them and People can communicate clearly without Drama because they care more about the Overall goal of the business which is to Succeed principles like this are baked Into the mission of his business Bridgewater and considering their Success I'd say it's worth considering For your own business read this book Once you have a higher 200 your belt and You're starting to see the need for a Culture in your business I used to think That quote unquote business culture was A Fufu inefficient topic that is until I Read this book the only downside to this Book is that it's the size of a Dictionary 592 pages and it's a dance Read as well when you get this book I Highly recommend using the reading Strategy I'm going to show you at the End of this video the next book is who The a method for hiring by Jeff smart And boy oh boy was this one a doozy this Book is all about giving you a process For hiring what's known as a players an A player is an employee who has at least 90 chance of achieving a set of outcomes

At only the top 10 percent of others Could achieve they're badasses these are The people that will take your business To the next level remember the systems That were stressed to be so important in The e-myth these are the people that Will not only carry out those systems But they can create those systems in the First place the problem I have with Hiring is that I have a low emotional Intelligence or EQ I'm an emotional Dummy when I meet someone in an Interview I automatically assume that All these Amazing Stories and qualities The person across from me is telling me About are true and I've ended up hiring More than a dozen characters that should Have been kept miles away from my Business but this book gives you a Framework a literal step-by-step process For hiring that you can follow to the T They'll tell you the exact questions to Ask at the right time that will get the Whole truth out of your candidates and Separate the B and C players from the a Players read this book before your next Hire seriously I mean it once you make a Decision in your business to hire only a Players trust me when I say this your Life and your business are gonna get a Lot better the next book I got for you Is never split the difference by Chris Foss this book is all about negotiating Chris is a former FBI International

Kidnapping negotiator so you can say He's pretty damn good at it Chris's Negotiation style is all about creating Rapport with the person on the other Side gaining their trust and crafting a Win-win scenario using psychology and Reality reframing you can also learn how To haggle on prices something I Absolutely hate to do before I read this Book now I look forward to negotiating It's actually fun if you're at the stage In business where you're making deals Whether that be through Partnerships and JVS or even getting special discounts From vendors definitely check out this Book now the next books aren't Necessarily business books but they're Definitely gems and they'll likely help Your business as a side effect of Reading and applying them first we have The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey there's no way To sugarcoat this this book really Helped me out of a dark place in my life When I was only 20 years old my mother Died of cancer when I was 22 my father Died I was so intensely depressed I Couldn't get unsad no matter how hard I Tried at one point a therapist had told Me to read The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People this book was the first Non-fiction book that I'd ever read Outside of a school and I loved it this Was the first time I'd ever learned that

You actually have control over how you Think and feel and it teaches you a set Of seven habits that affected people use To find success in their personal lives This book set me down a path of personal Development that I still carry for today If you're into this stuff you know stuff Like becoming a better human then check Out this book next I have a twofer for For you to cover the topic of investing I have two great books to choose from Money Master the game by Tony Robbins or I will teach you to be rich by ramit Sethi both of these books cover all the Foundational theories behind investing They'll get into the essentials like how Compound interest works why lofi index Funds outperform expensive fund managers And how investing is not about what you Earn it's about what you keep they do Have some small differences so depending On your preferences you could choose one Or the other money Master the game is Super thorough and it will get into some Really Advanced investment vehicles like Private placement life insurance that Typically only the ultra Rich use it's Also by Tony freaking Robbins who's well Known for pumping people the up so If you want to get inspired to take Action about investing then this would Be your choice the downside to the book Is that it's just not as new as I will Teach you to be rich I will teach you to

Be rich by the way the name is Ridiculous I know anyways the book is New modern and up to date so we'll get Into current apps that you can use for Personal finance tracking and new Inventions in the investment space such As Robo investing ramit has also been on Podcasts like the Tim Ferriss show and It's probably more relatable to younger People which is why I usually give this Book to my younger friends and family Over money Master the game okay so let's Talk about how read 20 books a year at 2x speed while having full retention What you want to do is get the Kindle App on your phone but preferably a Tablet device then the next time you're About to buy the Kindle version of a Book look out for this checkbox here That says add audible narration to your Purchase this upsell will get you both The text and audio version for cheaper Than it would if you would have bought Them separately now load up the book on Your Kindle app you'll see a play button Here at the bottom that will kick off The narration and the app will actually Start highlighting the current sentence That it's reading thus you get the Benefit of an audio book being read at 2x but because you're reading at the Same time you get the full retention of An actual read I'd even argue that you Retain it better because the media is

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