These 3 AI Video Tools Will Be Bigger Than ChatGPT

These 3 AI Video Tools Will Be Bigger Than ChatGPT

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In this video, we look at upcoming AI Video tools that are set to change the world.

Flawless A.I.


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2:37 A New Era for Motion
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Today we're talking about some upcoming AI apps that don't even seem real once They come out these apps are completely Gonna change the media landscape and It's really useful to know about them in Advance you can start planning for what Is to come the Technologies and research We will talk about today will soon be a Bigger part of your life than even the Most viral Tick Tock Trend so get ready To discover some cutting-edge AI Research and applications that are said To change the game in a big way and Remember the only thing scarier than AI Taking over the world is you not knowing About it okay so let's start by talking About Flawless AI now you might have Heard about this as these videos have Been circulating around social media Since a few months and particularly this Clip has been going viral so let's look At it and then talk about some of the Implications that Oh that was you okay So as you can see here this analyzes Faces and it is able to change facial Expressions and especially the mouth Which allows for flawless translation After the fact in the middle of freaking Nowhere And it's all my fault Is Now if you've been following the Developments in the text to speech

Department that technology is getting Scaryly good one might say Indistinguishable from an actual speaker That is the last time you steal my voice If you add the fact that large language Models like Chachi PT are really good at Translating text even better than Classic translators because they're Excellent at assuming context the last Missing Link in order for us to Translate any movie video even podcast To every single language on Earth is Exactly this because large language Models like chatgpt are going to be able To translate the transcript from English To let's say Japanese then you'll have a Text-to-speech eye that for example was Trained on Tom Cruise's voice read that Translated transcript and last but not Least this software is going to adjust The facial expressions and the mouth Movements to match the language and I Have to point out that there is a dark Side to this right that means that the Fakes are going to be undistinguishable From real videos very very soon boys I May need some help I found a room with a Bunch of mob spawners can y'all come and Help me destroy them not right now Trump Not right now bro I literally don't even Know where the you at dude this Spider won't die just kill him bro it's Not that hard what the there's two Of them oh my God I'm cornered where the

are you guys dude just build a wall It's what you're good at holy I'm Gonna die oh Scary but the bright side is that people Will get to share their culture and Their knowledge all across the world Imagine listening to the most popular Chinese AI podcast in perfect English I Think that's extremely valuable and if You produce any kind of content this is Something you have to keep in mind Because soon you're going to be able to Distribute to the entire world as with Most of these Technologies when exactly It's coming hasn't been announced yet Next up let's talk about Runway with Their generative video technology that Just from the demos looks completely Insane gen 1. video generation AI system That can efficiently generate video in Any style all while retaining quality And flexibility Gen 1 is able to realistically and Consistently apply the composition and Style of an image or text prompt to the Target video allowing you to generate New video content using an existing Video We call this approach video to video and We're incredibly excited to share a few Early use cases Stylization and look at this this allows You to bring some of the capabilities we Already know from chat GPT like applying

Styles to text to video this allows for A whole new level of creativity look With a bunch of books you can recreate a Drone shot over a busy City mask mode Isolate subjects in your video and Modify them with simple text prompts and Customization mode unleash the full Power of gen 1 by customizing the model For even higher Fidelity results Gen 1 represents a pivotal step forward In generative AI one that brings us Meaningfully closer to realizing the Future of Storytelling Oh my god wow as they proudly stayed in Many places their research team here is Led by one of the co-authors that Published a stable diffusion paper and Now that we have decent models for Language and for images obviously the Next step is video and honestly this Demo is the best preview I've seen of This yet and as we talked about before On the channel Facebook and Google have Their own text-to-video generators by Judging purely from the demos here this Is the first one that I saw that I would Actually love to use on a daily basis I Mean heck imagine me turning into some Fire demon like this okay not sure that Would add to the video but eventually I Would find a way to make this work and Improve even this educational content Okay now it's time to talk about the Most mind-blowing application here that

I ran into just a few days ago and this Was actually the reason I had to make This video listen up it's starting to Happen text to 3D okay look there have Been some experiments here but with this New research paper that has been Published they showed off the first demo That made me actually feel like I live In the future just have a look at this So you go ahead and you draw a car at The level of a two-year-old and you get A 3D model of a car are you kidding me And this is only a 2X speed this is Happening almost live and let's take a Second to appreciate that this is day Zero here everything we're looking at Here today is just the very first Preview of what this can do I don't know If you're old enough but if you remember IPhone 1 it was revolutionary but even If you're generous that thing was maybe Five percent of what the product is Today and if this 3D aware conditional Image synthesis thing is gonna follow a Similar path which trust me it will the Video game industry has steamrolled Movies and music over the last few years And the games you could create with this Would be on a whole different level so Yes this will progress we will be Getting products and experiences here Over the next few years that we can't Even dream of right now like just for a Second imagine talking to somebody on

Microsoft teams about a red car and the Language model picks up on that and Generates a prompt that it feeds into Image generator that thing now generates The image of a red car and Technology Like this will be able to generate a Video or a 3D model of that red car Almost instantly now come on if you add AR and VR to the mix you could instantly Place that in the meeting room and just By talking about an idea it would Instantly materialize in front of you so Yeah yeah this whole AI thing is going To change even more things in Industries Than you think right now only thing we Can do is stay informed educate Ourselves and use this text to our Advantage and that's what this whole Channel is about I have a separate video Here talking about seven non-hyped AI Trends that are coming up over the Course of the next year which if you're Still here I have no doubt you would Enjoy see you there