Top 3 to Start Implementing Into Your Sales Process NOW

Top 3 to Start Implementing Into Your Sales Process NOW

Here are a few tips you can start implementing in your sales process NOW to start closing more deals 🔥

➡️ Take 10X levels of activity to fill your pipeline
➡️ Make sure you’re effectively trial closing
➡️ Always follow up and be creative and add value in the process

Watch the full video to see how you can start implementing these tips in your business and watch your sales go through the roof 🙌


Grant Cardone Canada is the licensed franchisee of Cardone Training Technologies for Canada. Our offices are based out of Port Moody, British Columbia and we work with clients all across the country. It is our mission to help transform businesses across the country by training their people to develop more confidence, increase their skills and help drive revenue.

Port Moody, British Columbia

Few tips that you can start implementing Into your sales process immediately to Start closing more deals the number one Thing doesn't matter whether I'm a One-on-one coaching calls or team Training sessions the one thing I find Most salespeople are trying to do is They're trying to out Theory the amount Of activity that they need to be doing It doesn't matter how many tricks you Have up your sleeve tricks don't work on An empty room one of the things that Grant talks about is you need to be Taking 10x levels of activity to fill Your pipeline you need to be going out There hustling hammering all day so that You actually have enough people to fill Your pipeline so that you can actually Implement all of the things that you're Learning the second tip that I want to Talk to you guys about is the trial Close so many people think that they Have an issue when it comes to closing Side of things like well how do I know When I actually go for clothes and the One thing that most of them are skipping Over is the trial post trial closing is A crucial part of the sales process Where you actually test out where the Buyer is at back in the cycle I know What they like find out what they don't Like and see if they're actually ready To go on and be closed some examples of Trial closing questions are what do you

Like best about this new package that You don't have right now with your Current one if you were to change Anything about this package that you Would want more of maybe less of what Would that be on a scale of one to ten How would you rate this new package Compared to what you have right now and This can apply to cars that can apply to Insurance Telecom doesn't matter whether Your door knocking business to business Short transaction Cycles or long Transaction Cycles all right if you Effectively use trial closing you're Always going to know where that buyer is At and if they're actually ready for the Close third trick that I want to talk to You guys about is follow-up all right The fortune is in the follow-up now if You aren't sending out Packers right now This is going to be a massive way that You can scale up the effectiveness of Your follow-up game by sending either Simple letters Amazon packages little Gifts and the greatest part about Sending out a physical package is that You actually have your next two Follow-ups set up for you because once You send out that package you can give Them a call a few days later and say hey There this is Sean from Grant card Okana I send you a package just want to make Sure did you actually receive that now If you don't get through to that person

Now you can actually take advantage of Sending out an email follow-up stating The same thing so if you take advantage Of maybe you know actual packages you're Going to be able to actually utilize Three different follow-up touch points To get in front of that person and Actually bring Omni presence Thank you