Ultra-Realistic AI Voice Changer | Voice.ai

Ultra-Realistic AI Voice Changer | Voice.ai

In this step-by-step tutorial, learn how to change your voice to over 10,000 different voices using the power of AI. Speak like Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Ellen DeGeneres, a male, female, or thousands of other celebrities, politicians, actors, and more. You can even upload your own voices. You can record your voice first and then change your voice or you can speak and have your voice changed in real time to use in apps like Discord or Skype.

– Voice.ai Voice Changer:

0:00 Introduction
0:43 Download & install
1:10 First run experience
1:56 Main interface
2:25 Record mode
6:37 Live mode
8:08 Use changed voice in other apps
9:51 Wrap up

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Here's what my actual voice sounds like. 
Here's what my voice sounds like when   I speak as President Joe Biden. Okay, 
folks, here's the deal. This is serious.   Here's Ellen DeGeneres. When life gets you down, 
you know what you got to keep doing? Just keep   Swimming. And here's Donald Trump. We get to make 
America great again, by building the biggest,   Most beautiful wall you have ever seen. Those are 
just a few of the voices that you can make using   An AI voice changer. And best of all, this is 
completely free to use. Let's check this out. To   Change our voice, we're going to use a free tool 
called voice.ai. You can click on the card in the   Top right-hand corner, or you can click on the 
link down below in the description, and that'll   Drop you on the following webpage. Right here, 
let's click on the text that says download now.   Once the download finishes, run through the 
install process. Once you finish installing   And you launch the app, you'll need to create 
an account. Click here, fill in the details, and   Then click on sign up. Now that you've set up an 
account, this now drops us on the welcome screen.   And right down here, there's a check box that 
says you can get 5,000 free credits by turning   On training. You use credits to unlock voices 
in voice.ai. But you have to turn on training.   Basically, what this means is you'll give up some 
of your computer’s idle resources to generate more   Voices. I would recommend leaving this checked 
and then let's click on next. This now drops us on   The pricing page, and right up here, there are two 
different plans, the plus, and the pro. With this,   You get access to voices quicker and you also 
get higher quality recordings. But for now,   I just want to continue with the free version, so 
I'll click on this text down below. And lastly,   Here we see a quick tutorial video. I'll click 
on get started. This drops us into the main   Voice.ai interface, and right up on top, you 
have two different modes that you can choose   From. There's record mode where you can record 
your voice, and once you're done recording,   Then it'll change your voice. Or there's something 
called live mode where it'll change your voice in   Real time. So, this is ideal if you want to use a 
changed voice in something like Discord or Skype,   Or maybe you just want to hear your 
changed voice through your speakers.   Let's start by seeing how record mode works. Down 
in the bottom left-hand corner, first off, we need   To choose our microphone. Click on this drop down 
and then select your microphone. Here, I'll select   My microphone right here. In the center of the 
page, we can click right here to switch the voice.   This drops us on a page where you can see all 
the different characters that you can change your   Voice to, and there are over 10,000 different 
options. Here if we look through the list,   You'll likely recognize a lot of these names. 
Here we have Barack Obama, Biden, Sarah Palin,   George W. Bush, and as I go down, you'll see 
more and more people that you likely recognize.   If you're looking for a specific person, up 
in the top right-hand corner, you can use this   Search field to find just about any voice that you 
can imagine. Down over here, you can even create  

Your own voice. You upload some example audio and 
then other people can speak using that voice. It's   Pretty phenomenal technology. To preview what one 
of these voices sounds like, you can simply hover   Over and click on this play icon. So, here's Joe 
Biden, and let's listen to what it sounds like.   This is a standardized audio sample to demonstrate 
voice stability. It sounds pretty good, and let's   Listen to Sarah Palin. This is a standardized 
audio sample to demonstrate. Now, of course, some   Of these voices are better than others, and right 
down below, you'll see a star rating that gives   You a sense for how accurate the voice changing is 
for this specific character. As I scroll down the   Page, here I see Donald Trump and I've always 
wanted to try speaking as Donald Trump. Here,   I'll click on this to preview what it sounds like. 
This is a standardized audio sample to demonstrate   Voice stability and tone. That sounds pretty 
good, and I'd like to try speaking as Trump.   Here, I'll click on this image and over on the 
right-hand side, I now see this pane with Trump.   To unlock this voice, down below I can see that 
it costs 4,600 credits, and I currently have over   5,000 credits, but you might be wondering, well, 
how do you get more credits if let's say you want   To unlock additional voices? Here, I'll click 
up here, and one option is that you could just   Buy credits and that'll give you this number 
of credits. Down below, you can also earn free   Credits. Here you can invite friends to voice.ai 
and that'll give you some additional credits.   You can also join the Discord server, or you can 
train the meta model. This is where you give up   Some of your computer's resources. So, if you let 
this run, say overnight on your computer, that'll   Unlock one additional voice. Here, I'll close this 
out, and to unlock this voice, let's go down and   Click on the text that says train. Here, I get a 
confirmation message and I'll click on train. Over   Here, I could see the progress to training this 
voice. It takes about a minute before the voice is   Available. The voice has now finished training and 
to start using Donald's voice, here I can click on   Use or the bottom right-hand corner, I could also 
click on use here. In the top left-hand corner,   I can click on trained, and this will show me 
all of the different voices that I've trained.   Basically, this is a view of all of the different 
voices that are available to me. By default,   You get a politician, which sounds very much like 
Joe Biden, and then you also get a pop star, and   Here I trained Trump. To start using this, here 
I'll click on use. Back now on the main interface,   Here I can see that I currently have Donald 
Trump selected. To start recording my voice and   To convert that into Donald Trump's voice, over on 
the left-hand side, I'll click on the microphone   Icon to start recording. The Kevin Cookie Company 
is a great company. They make the best cookies.   Nobody makes cookies like them. Everyone 
loves them, especially me. I love cookies.   I'll click this button once I'm all done. Now it's 
processing all of the audio and it's converting   This recording. The Kevin Cookie Company is 
a great company. They make the best cookies.   Nobody makes cookies like them. Everyone 
loves them, especially me. I love cookies.  

That is strikingly similar to Donald Trump's 
voice. That is a pretty fantastic recording.   Now that I'm all done, over here I can 
download the MP3 file to my computer or here,   I can delete it if I want to try again. Along 
with being able to record directly in the app,   Over on the right-hand side, I can also take 
pre-recorded audio from my computer, and I can   Upload that into voice.ai and then it'll process 
that and convert it into Donald Trump's voice. So,   I have those two different options for the record 
mode. Now that we've recorded a voice in voice.ai,   Let's switch over to the live mode to see what 
we can do there. Here, I'll click on this toggle   And now I'm in the live mode. Similar to the 
record mode, here I can click on the character,   And I can now switch to a different voice. Let's 
test out the politician. This one's Joe Biden,   So, let's have some fun with this. Here, I'll 
click on use, and that has now applied that   Voice. Down at the bottom left-hand corner, just 
like we saw in the record mode, here you can   Also choose your microphone. Under that, we have 
this slider. Voice.ai is doing a real time voice   Conversion, and that requires a lot of computer 
resources. If you have a very powerful machine,   You can slide this over to the right-hand 
side. This will give you better quality,   But it also requires more system resources. If 
you find that your PC is struggling with this,   I would recommend going farther over to the left 
and go towards faster. Now you can experiment with   This to see where you get good quality, and your 
system is still able to handle it well. Up in the   Top right-hand corner, I can now click on this 
icon, and I'll be able to hear myself through my   Speakers or through my headphones. Now this one's 
a little disorienting because as you're speaking,   You'll also hear yourself in a different voice. 
Let's test this out. My fellow Americans, today   I want to talk to you about a remarkable company 
that is making a difference in our country.   The Kevin Cookie Company is a small business that 
produces delicious cookies with only the finest   Ingredients. Once I'm all done, I'll simply toggle 
that off, but that is pretty remarkable how it's   Able to change my voice in real time. Along 
with being able to change your voice in real   Time directly within this app, you can also have 
your changed voice show up in other apps and here,   If I scroll down, you'll see a sample of some 
of the apps where you can change your voice,   And this is by no means exhaustive. You could use 
this changed voice in any app where you can select   A microphone. To be able to use the changed voice 
in any one of these apps, up here let's click on   This icon. This will start the voice changer. Here 
I am now in Discord, but this could be any other   Application where you can choose a microphone. 
Here I am under voice and video, and right here,   I can select my input device. This is another 
way of saying microphone, and here, when you   Click on this drop-down list, you'll want to look 
for a microphone called microphone array voice.ai   Audio cable. Once you select that, your changed 
voice will be piped through to this application,   And anyone you talk to in Discord will now hear 
that changed voice. Here I am in another app  

And this one's called Audacity. It's an extremely 
powerful audio recorder available across multiple   Platforms, and just like we saw in Discord, right 
up here, I can also choose my microphone and when   I click on this, here too, look for the one that 
says voice.ai audio cable. Once you select that,   Here I can now record my voice. Once I kick this 
off, I can record myself and this is recording   That changed voice and I can record for any 
amount of time. Once I'm done, I'll click on stop.   Now I can go back and listen to my recording. I 
can now record my voice. Once I kick this off,   I can record myself. So, you could use 
your changed voice in Discord and Audacity,   Any number of different apps. If you'd like 
to learn all about how you can use Audacity,   Be sure to check out the video up in the 
top right-hand corner. All right, well,   Hopefully you have some fun with this and 
let me know what you think down below in the   Comments. How realistic do you think these 
voices sound? At least for me personally,   I think this is one of the most realistic 
voice changers that I have ever heard. To   Watch more videos like this one, please consider 
subscribing and I'll see you in the next video.